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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Opposites Challenge - Happy/Sad - Week 7

When my sister Diana and I were kids, we spent a lot of time living with my Granny and Poppa. Each year on the first day of school, they would take a picture of us where we were happy to be going to school and one where we were sad to be going to school. I have continued this tradition with my own kids.
I picked a couple of pictures of each of my kids to show their happy faces and their sad faces.
I didn't know their bottom lips could stick out that far!!

Chow for now

Opposites Challenge - Hot/Cold - Week 6

This is my favourite layout so far. The girls thought I was crazy when I decided how I was going to do it.
I decided to use my exacto knife to cut out some of the swirls on the cold side and then I made little icicles for the letters and I cut flames for the hot letters. I put belly button bling on Hanna's belly button and gave her some bling on her bracelet! I love the way the letters turned out. It's great when you plan a layout and it comes together the way you wanted it to. I love the pictures of my kids on the hot side. Vicki took these ones too!! Man it's great to hang around someone who takes AWESOME pictures.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Opposites Challenge - City/Country - Week 5

I had about 4 different ideas for this layout. This is the one I settled on. I might do the others for myself sometime though. This was the easiest one for me to come up with something to do.
I guess partly cause I live in the city now (not Toronto) but still the city but I grew up in the country and I miss it like crazy.
I hope to one day get back to the country. I love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds and nothing else. It is also nice to go out into your back yard and just see your back yard - not the neighbours peering over the fence or the juvenile delinquents walking up and down the streets looking for something to steal.
Anyhow, the pictures on my City side of the layout are of Toronto. These pictures were taken by my good friend Vicki when we went to the Stampin' Up! Regionals a couple of years ago. She takes great pictures. The pictures on the Country side of my layout are from two different places The larger picture is the lane way at Winter Wheat near Sparta. If you have never been - you should go. It's very nice, peaceful and beautiful. The other two pictures are from gardens that I toured with my sister Courtney and my Mom during the Lucy Maud Montgomery Festival near Uxbridge.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Opposites Challenge - Water/Wind - Week 4

This was a fun layout. It brought back lots of memories from the summer before last. My best friend Vicki and I (with our kids) got together for a week in her neck of the woods and then a week in our neck of the woods!!!!
This layout challenge was to pick two words from Wind/Earth/Fire/Water, so I chose water and wind.
So on the Water side of my layout, I have a picture of the waterfall at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge. We stopped there on our way back to Woodstock from Kingston. It was fun. The butterflies were beautiful and we managed to get some great pictures.
The pictures on the wind side of my layout make me laugh. When we were in Kingston, we took a cruise on the Island Queen around Gananoque. It was fun, but man was it windy!
The kids were standing facing the wind and being goofy, but they were having great fun!

Chow for now

Opposites Challenge - Messy/Clean - Week 3

Week 3's challenge was Messy/Clean. I started out with pictures of my daughters bedroom.....I had lots of pictures for the messy side of the layout....but.....the clean part....I'll get back to you when that happens!!
So I decided to use the pictures of what my son Joel looked like before and after he got his hair cut.
He was letting it grow long so he could get it cut off for Locks of Love, which make wigs for people who have cancer. But unfortunately when he went to get it cut -he didn't have enough length.
The layout is pretty simple, but it was fun to "muck" up the messy side!!
I like making my own background on my paper. It adds that extra little "something".

Thanks for looking,
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Opposites Challenge - Likes/Dislikes - Week 2

Wow, it's been a while since I have posted on my blog - sorry for anyone who actually looks at this thing!!!

I had a blast this past weekend. My dear friend Jennifer is home for a month (she moved away last fall) and we had a get-together at her mom's house for the weekend - well my weekend started on Thursday!!!! So I got to hang with my friends and stamp and scrapbook from Thursday to Sunday!! How much fun is that?? So I took the opportunity to try and catch up on my opposites challenge layouts. I am soooo far behind it is not even funny but I am determined to get them all done by August 30th.

So here is Week Two's layout. The challenge was Likes and Dislikes. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures so I will tell you what they are. On my likes side, I have sunsets, flowers, martinis and good friends. On my dislikes side I have snakes (My friends Rob and Curtis are holding them - can you say CRAZY??), the picture of me eating something horrible - would be those grotesque Harry Potter Jelly Beans. I think the one I got in this picture was bacon - I am very thankful I didn't grab the vomit one out of the box. Who's crazy idea was it to make those jelly beans anyway - YUCK!

More layouts coming!

Chow for now,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Opposites Challenge - Awake/Asleep - Week 1

I am participating in a challenge hosted on It is a 16-week challenge. Each week a set of "Opposites" are posted and then we have to create a layout based on those words.

Week 1 (I am very far behind....) the words were Awake/Asleep. Here is the layout I designed based on these two opposites.

Chow for now,


Cake Inspiration Challenge

Each week on SSUS we are challenged to make a card based on certain specifics. It could be a colour challenge, it could be a sketch challenge, it could be a type of stamp set challenge, or like this week it could be an inspiration from something else. This week the list mom showed us a picture of a cake and we were to take inspiration from the picture of a cake to make a card.

This is the card that I came up with. It was fun to make - pretty simple, but I hope the recipient enjoys it.

Chow for now,


Great Grade 8 Graduation

If you have been reading my blog you already know that my daughter Jade graduated from Grade 8 this year. She told us that she was picked to be Valedictorian. What a proud moment for Mom and Dad!! Well she topped that at the graduation ceremony!
The ceremony started.... and the procession started walking in.....the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies welcomed everyone to the Grade 8 graduation.
Mr. Sales presented all of the students with their diplomas.
Once all the diplomas were presented they moved on to presenting the two other awards available to students.
One award was the Principal's award. This award is given to the student who is always willing to help, goes above and beyond the call of duty, thinks of others before themselves, and shows initiative and leadership. This award was presented to My Jade!!! This picture shows her receiving the plaque from her Principal.
The second award available was the academic award. This award is given to the male and female student who have achieved the highest marks in the class. The student also completes more work than is expected.
This award was presented to My Jade too!
We are so very proud of her. She set goals for herself at the beginning of the year and she never stopped working until she reached those goals.
She really is who I want to be when I grow up!!!
Chow for now,