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Hey there! I am a papercrafter in Canada and thought I would enter the wide world of blogging!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Days are flying this is a whole bunch of days rolled into one!!!!

I was doing so good - I was posting every day and then we got busy and all the days kind of rolled into one!
We cut paper and got ready for Diana's classes. She had 46 people over the course of 3 days. We had one class on Saturday, two classes on Sunday and one class on Monday (which is today - actually right now as I am typing this!!!) They each made 10 cards - Diana's classes are so organized it is awesome! She even has her location on Facebook, so when people come they can "check in" on Facebook!
I got the job of cranking all the papers through the Big Shot for her class! I think my right arm is much more muscular now than when I arrived!!!! These are the pretty silver paper that I 'Big Shotted' for the class - they look so pretty on the cards cause they are sooooooooooo sparkly.
Here are the tables all set up and ready to go.
We took some mushrooms all chopped up out to the chickens for a little treat. They enjoyed them!!!!! Here is Fiji having a little mushroom treat! Mork was tired I think and was just chillaxin' in the coop.  Diana also received her new book Fresh Eggs Daily. There is a girl, her name is Lisa and she just published this book. I think I will grab it when we decide to get our chicks! I think sometimes Toby thinks he is a he is lapping up the chicken feed that spilled in the stones. 
Jeff has a bunch of 'critters' hanging on the walls and sitting on the shelves. Here is a havelina he got mounted after he hunted it. This bear they have had for a while, he got this one up north in Canada, and this guy is a rattlesnake that was all curled up on their back step.....not cool!
Jeff is still working on Diana's new chicken house. It's going to be great when he gets it all done. I think the chickens are going to love it - they are spoiled chickens!
Jeff's brother Tim and his daughter Charlie came over for a visit. It has been years since I saw him. (I always had a bit of crush on him!) It was nice to see him. He hasn't changed much at all - maybe just a bit of gray! 
Diana and I made all of the cards that she had designed for her class to make sure all the items were in the box. I kept taking pictures of Diana while she was working and she kept giving me heck that I didn't tell her so she could smile. So I let her smile a couple of times!!!!!
We went out to the grocery store the one day and we bought a pumpkin for the girls. I thought she was getting it to carve and make a cool face on....but nope......for the chickens!!!!!! They were not as thrilled about it as Diana was....but it's fun to watch her spoil her girls. 

Jeff is progressing very well on the chicken house! I even took a picture of the "secret" plans!!!! I don't know if they were secret or not - but this way I have a plan for when Joel decides to make my coop!!!!! 
Diana decided to put a little shirt on Toby this day! I think he likes it! I think he likes me too! He will jump up and sit behind me on the chair like he does to Diana and he will curl up beside me on the couch when we are watching a movie. 
We went to the Block Party this weekend. Every year the people in the neighborhood have a block party and it just so happened that I was here the day they had this years. Jeff made Calico Beans to take - I am not a big bean girl, but I made sure to grab the recipe so I can make it when I get home. 
I met a bunch of very nice people. Tim came to it as well, so it was nice to know one more person!!!!! 
I am having a wonderful time (all thanks to my beautiful daughter Jade) and I can't believe it's only 3 more sleeps until I will be heading home. Jeff and I are going on a road trip - so I should have some more pictures tomorrow sometime.
Chow for now,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cleaning the chickens and cutting paper!!

So today we had to do some work. We can't just go shopping every day!!! Diana has a class this weekend so we had to get all the paper cut for that. We didn't get it completely done, so will be working on it tomorrow as well. 
First off Diana had to clean out the little brooder for the babies - they are growing so fast. She took them out and put them in a box and then I was in charge of making sure they didn't get out of the box while she cleaned the brooder. I had them in the house so they would be warm and eventually they all kind of settled down and sat in the box. At first I think it was Aunt Bea flew up to the top of the box and almost got out. I guess she is showing me that just because she has the name Aunt Bea, does not mean she is a geriatric chicken!!!!! 
I wanted to get a couple of pictures of us in the nice chairs that Jeff made, so while Diana was doing some work, I went out and got the chairs all situated and then came back in to see what I could set up outside to set the camera on so we could use the timer on the camera. I carried out her little stool and then I had an empty Stampin' Up! box on it's side to give it some more height. I still needed a little something to get the right angle so I grabbed a tiny piece of wood out of the planter and got it all set up. I came back in the house to let Diana know I was ready for her....and as I walked into her studio...what did I see tucked under her cutting table????? A TRIPOD!!!!!! came the stool and the box and the tiny piece of wood went back into the planter and we used the tripod instead!!!!! We wanted a picture with Toby and Fiji too! 
Later we had to zip out to the post office which was crazy busy and then we zipped into Smashburger for lunch. YUMMY!!!!! Their fries are quite tasty with olive oil and rosemary on them - interesting - but yummy. Then we stopped at the grocery store so I could grab the ingredients to make baked spaghetti. I figured I should make a meal or two while I was here. So when we got home, Diana headed out to her studio to work and I headed into the kitchen to make supper. I figured I'd make it and then whenever Jeff got home from work and he and Eric were hungry we could throw it in the oven and we'd be good to go. 
Terry and Lee came over to get some help with some things in Jeff's shop so it was nice to meet them! They seem very nice. I got a big hug from Lee - he seemed to be excited to be in the company of another Canadian girl - and then they were laughing and saying how much Diana and I are alike - I don't see it - but I guess when we talk we are alike in many ways. Jeff showed me some of his Indian pottery shards he has found over the years. He is quite knowledgeable about the history of Arizona. He always has a good story to tell - and I like his accent so I could listen to him for hours! 
After supper we watched the movie The Heat! It was just as funny the second time I saw it!!!!
Then Diana and I came out to cut more paper! 
Then off to bed!! Stupid me...I decided I would watch a couple of shows on my laptop before going to sleep so I chose to watch the tribute episode of Glee - good Lord - my eyes are like two pee holes in the snow this morning....puffy and sore.....but Ryan Murphy and the crew did a great job on the show. It was so very sad and it made it even sadder knowing that the tears were genuine. RIP Cory. 
So it's a cutting paper day again so I best be getting off of here and get to work.
Chow for now