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Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have been so bad at blogging lately. Jade keeps giving me a hard time cause she has been blogging more than me....and I tell her she doesn't blog I better practice what I preach. A lot of things have happened these last couple of months!!!! I'll start with Victopia!
This year Victopia was a little smaller than other years. Laura was vacationing in Cuba so she was not able to come, Jennifer is still in B.C. so she was not able to come, Darlene was ill so she could not come and Donna got a brand new job (yay girl!) so she was unable to get time off to come. We decided to do a cheaper trip this year and not stop at every scrapbooking store along the way!!! We really don't need any more supplies so we opted not to do a mega shopping spree. It actually worked out better for everyone anyway because Tami offered to drive this year, so we waited till she was done work for the day, Kim and I met her at her house and off we went! Traffic was not horrible, but it was not great either. We got stuck in some bumper to bumper for about an hour - but it was not because of traffic it was because a truck had rolled over and spilled it's load of dirt all over the road. It was spread across all the lanes so everyone had to merge over onto the shoulder to get by the spot where the truck was. We finally got by there and then it was pretty smooth sailing the rest of the way. We stopped at East Side Marios for dinner for some yummy appetizers and pasta. Made a side trip to Tim Horton's when we got to Kingston and then arrived safe and sound at Vicki's. 
It was so nice to see her again. I really wished we lived closer together. I have not stamped in a while - it's hard to get the mojo going when you stamp all alone. If we were closer we could get together more often and I might get just a little bit more stamping done. We didn't do our usual photography session either. It was just a nice relaxing weekend of stamping and hanging out. 
Vicki was working on a number of different projects so I snapped this picture over her shoulder! Kim was working on an album project (she is the Queen of albums and 3-D projects). 
On Saturday Vicki took us out for a drive around Kingston. It really is a beautiful city. A lot of history and character in the city for sure. We rode around in Vicki's mustang and we put the top down. We even stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat before we went home. 
Vicki made us this awesome Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken for supper and a really good Frittata for breakfast. There is never a shortage of great food when we get together. We even skipped our usual stop at the Bulk Barn where we get 16 pounds of candy!!!!!
I was pleased with the projects I got completed when I was there. It seems for me I either do a whole shed-load of stuff or I do next to nothing. I think being with my girls got my creative juices flowing a bit and I did quite a few projects. 
I made a name frame for friends of mine that had a little girl. I need to get this present to her soon cause she was born a while ago. I made this card for my Mum for Mother's Day. I am really pleased the way it turned out. I bought the butterfly die and incorporated it with the butterfly paper I had. I added Flower Soft to the flowers to give the card texture. I really like the final result. One of the nicest cards I have made in a long time. Here is a shot of the inside of the card. I made this card for Courtney's first Mother's Day. At the time, I didn't know if the baby was going to be born before Mother's Day, but in the end she was.....don't worry there will be a blog post about that!!!! I was pleased the way this one turned out too. I love that heart die and I bought the music die as well. I have seen so many different cards where there are bits and pieces sticking out here and there adding texture, so I wanted to do one myself. This is what I came up with. She liked it! This card I did for my friend Rob at work. The day I left for Victopia his Facebook status was something along the lines of "there are so many stupid people around me" or something like that. Then I saw this greeting and just had to make a card with it. It is kind of comical and  like the way it turned out! It was good for a laugh. This card I made for a friend of mine that applied for a new job at work and she got it! So I made this one to congratulate her on her new position. I made this one as a thank you for someone who donated an item the fundraiser we had to raise money for my cousin who needs a double lung transplant. 
All in all I was happy with the projects and how they turned out.
Sunday we started the trek back home. We made pretty good time and then when we got near the Drumbo cut off there was traffic slowing down and we thought oh no what next - it was nothing drastic though - just this truck on the side of the road pumping out smoke like crazy. You couldn't even see the smoke was so thick. Once we got passed it though it was smooth sailing the rest of the way to Woodstock.
Joe came and picked up Kim and I, we dropped Kim off at her place in London and then we headed back to Parkhill to unpack and get back to reality!!!!
Chow for now,