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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stamping Spencer

I am so proud of my Mom!!! She has gone gangbusters on getting her Christmas cards made this still have one done!!! I am such a procrastinator!!! I stopped by yesterday after work with my Big Shot to give her a hand with the backgrounds of some of her cards and this little guy wanted to help!!! When Courtney was home, she named him Spencer! We are not sure where he came from, he just showed up at the farm one day. It's quite obvious that he was handled before he showed at the farm, because he loves people and starts to purr like a little motor boat as soon as you pick him up. He hasn't stolen the stamping sponges like my cat Shadow does (well not yet anyway) but he certainly wanted to get in the thick of things! Chow for now, Jacqui

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good watchin'

I've been pretty slow to post this last little while. We have been very busy lately, and have had a few things go wrong that have taken up time and money that we really didn't have to spare. The dryer died last week - it just didn't want to spin anymore....and of course this was after I had stripped all the bedding and washed it all......thankfully it was a breezy day and the wind was blowing towards the "odoriferous" farm across the way instead of blowing it's nasty stench our way. Then I broke my dish for my Scentsy warmer - I was vacuuming and the cord caught the dish and flipped it over and it smashed on the floor - I KNEW cleaning was bad for you!!!!! ha ha. Joel had a club volleyball tournament this past weekend, so we were there all day Saturday, and I have been having an issue with my back that I just think I might have to go see the doctor about. It's been bugging for about 6 weeks now..I think that's long enough. I tried ice, heat, massage, stretching and meds. Nothing seems to work, so I think a doctor visit might be my next step. We decided to watch a movie this weekend and the pick of the day was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I was surprised at how good it was. It is actually the prequel to all the other Planet of the Apes movies - basically tells you how and why the apes started taking over. The special effects were awesome - and that one ape - scary looking thing. I was watching Ellen last week - quickly zipping through my PVR'd episodes to get to the chat's with the celebrities and she had Dylan McDermott on the show. He is in the new show American Horror Story. It's supposed to be the scariest show on television. I had no plans to watch it, and then Ellen and Dylan were talking and she made mention that he was naked quite a bit in the show - so I thought hhhmmm maybe it's worth checking out!!!! haha - so I watched the first episode - wowsers - creepy - scary - looks interesting. Jessica Lange is in it as well - and man she looks old in this one. She's a great actress though. The thing I find most unusual - it's written by Ryan Murphy - who is the same fella that writes Glee. And let me tell ya.....this is not at all like Glee - not in any way, shape or form...nope...nadaa....not at all. Okay - best get back to work. Thanks for checkin' in. Chow for now, Jacqui

Friday, November 18, 2011

Missing Poppa and a Silver Medal

There are moments in life when you wish you could bring someone down from Heaven. Spend the day with them just one more time, give them one more hug, kiss them goodby or hear their voice again. One more chance to say I LOVE YOU. Yesterday was that day for me. It's been 14 years since my Poppa past away. Some days it seems like 14 years and other days it seems like it was only yesterday. I owe so much to him and I miss him like crazy. Love you Poppa.

Yesterday was also a good day though! Our Junior boys volleyball team won the silver medal at WOSSA!!!! And..Our Junior and Senior girls basketball teams won medals as well. The Junior's won Gold and the Seniors won Silver. Our little school keeps getting better and better all the time!

Chow for now,


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love you through it....

I have always liked Martina McBride, she is beautiful and has the voice of an angel. Someone shared this video on Facebook with me today, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Hug those ya love,
Chow for now,

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Spiking Sharks Strike Gold!

Oh my gosh! What an exciting day yesterday was. It was not so exciting at 4:00 AM when my alarm went off and I had to get up to drive Joel to Woodbridge for a volleyball tournament, but since 4:00 AM is my usual getting out of bed time for work, I was okay.....I just don't usually do it on a Sunday. We headed off for Woodbridge at about 5:30 AM with our healthy snacks, lots of Gatorade, knee pads, shorts and shoes! We got to the school at 8:00 (only an hour to spare!!) I'd rather arrive early than be rushing to get there. The tournament started at 9:00 AM and we played the second game. The tournament format was a little different than we are used to...we usually play 2 games against each team in the pool - but this tournament was a best 2 out of 3 games........every one went to the third game except for one! The boys came out on top of each game they played!!! It was so exciting. They went into the Gold medal match playing a team from Guelph. The Guelph team took us a nasty 25 - 12 the first game...not a good showing from our guys, but they came back and won the second game 25 - 22, which forced that third rubber match. The rubber match is always a 15 point game, where the winner must win by 2 points. Guess what the final score was...........15 - 13. Man oh man. That one was hard on the fans!!!!! We were within a point all along the game. It was very exciting and lots of fun when they ended up victorious! Great job boys! See ya at practice tonight! Chow for now, Jacqui