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Friday, September 30, 2016

Snapchat fun!

There is this cool little app you can get on your phone called Snapchat! 
When we were watching the girls at the beginning of September we took some fun pictures of us with the girls.
Here are some of the fun ones for your Friday chuckle!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Country music just gets it

I remember when I was growing up Mum and Dad used to listen to country music all the time and of course me being my rebel self had to say "why do you listen to that awful music". Secretly I loved it, and I still do to this day. I listen to it all the time, although I will admit there are a few songs the kids listen to that I enjoy as well. So I guess you could say  my taste in music is somewhat eclectic!

Recently the country music stars got together and produced this video which I absolutely love and cannot get enough of.
It gives me chills every time I watch the video and Randy Travis turns and looks at the camera. Randy brings back many a good memory on our road trip to Arizona one year. It was great to see Ronnie Milsap and Charlie Pride as well. I'll be honest I missed Garth Brooks in there and it would have been really great if they had of been able to produce this before Merle Haggard passed away. But I love what they did. Hopefully this link will work for you.

And if you really know me and my family you'll know why this next one had me bawling when I was watching it. (thanks Jade!)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Missing the littles

I'm missing my hugs and snuggles from Daphne and Lucy today. 
Got a hair cut though so I feel better! 
Here are a few shots Jade got last night when I was on my way to and from the airport with Jay and Courtney.

Chow for now,

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 8 - week in Stouffville - Tuesday Sept 13

Well today is the last day of watching the littles. It was an experience for sure!!! I love the little stinkers so much, but I must say I am looking forward to a full night sleep tonight!!!

First thing this morning Daphne came running into the bedroom saying "are they home are my mom and dad home"? I told her she had one more sleep until they came home. She was a little disappointed that she had to wait all day...but so far so good..

Day 7 - Week in Stouffville - Monday Sept 12

Today was a fun day. I picked up some butterfly wings for the kids at claires before we came. Today they were watching a little show and there was a girl on it that had butterfly wings and I remembered that I had them packed up to give the girls
This such a ham!!!!!

Some more cheesin' for the camera!

Backview of the cool little wings

This little cute!

back view!

some more cheezin for the camera

like seriously!!! look at this kid!!!!

little butterfly on her car

it's craft time again!

the table was piled high with craft stuff so we had to use this table for lunch instead!!!
One more sleep!!!! Mom and Dad come home tomorrow!!!
Chow for now

Day 6 - Week in Stouffville - Sunday Sept 11

The other day when I was taking Daphne to her music lessons we drove by this petting zoo type place. I mentioned it to Jade when I got home and we thought what the heck, it's nice and close and the girls will be able to feed the animals. We grabbed some carrots, celery, lettuce, apples and bread and made our way out to the farm.
This is the sign at the entrance to the farm
This goat was pretty excited to see Daphne and her leaf of romaine lettuce. You can see in the background, Lucy...not so sure!

Daphne wasn't too sure about letting these guys get too close to her fingers!

This guy was especially picky. He just smelled the food then kind of stuck up his nose and walked away.

Here is Daphne on a mission with her bag of food to feed the animals!!

Lucy liked to break off little pieces of bread and put it through the fence for the geese

The deer were pretty uninterested, but still fun to look at

Lucy broke her bread pieces and fed them to the birds too

This goat liked his carrot from Daphne

The donkey was very gentle taking his food from little fingers

Little candid shot of this monkey

Driving the homemade car

Lucy checking out the home made car

Now she's got the hang of it

This was Jade's favourite guy! He was quite photogenic

And believe it or not, very very gentle when taking food from little fingers....and big fingers too!

The cow on the other hand - was a bit rammy

Lucy with some help from Aunt Jacqui gave him a piece of celery

Lucy was NOT sure of this fella at all! She had a piece of celery in her hand and she would NOT feed it to him. No amount of convincing. She was so NOT impressed by him! It was funny

Daphne fed him though. 

They had a couple of toys to climb and play on. This one was on a big spring so it rocked back and forth when she sat in it.

And they had an old snowmobile to climb on as well

This old guy was hot and tired and climbed inside this tire to have a rest.
When we got home it was time for crafts!!!!!

Daphne and Lucy have this cute book called Room on the Broom and they also have the little tv show of it as well. So.........
We made our own brooms!

Daphne also made a chicken - we have been showing her the sign (as in sign language) for chicken

This was Daphne's creation when left alone with glue and googly eyes and buttons!

This is Jacqui's chicken/red bird!

Before Courtney and Jay left, they left a present for Daphne and Lucy for a night when they were asking about them. To be honest they didn't have tears about them being gone. Daphne asked about them a bit, but not in a sad way. A couple of times she said she missed them. I think a big part of that was the girls were in bed when they left for the airport. I told them I had a present for them from their mom and dad. I asked them to sit up on the bed and wait for me.

The anticipation builds.........

the face.....the sweet facial expressions of these two are the best

The fun books Mom and Dad gave the girls.

And this face....well this is the face that makes Ms. Trunchbull come out!!!!!!

Lucy getting her hair brushed after tub time

good girl Roxy keeping a watchful eye over everything

Night time!

Chow for now