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Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Generation......'s not a post about Star Trek!!!! This is about the start of a new wonderful and excited chapter in the lives of my little sister Courtney!  I have been so bad in my blog posting lately and I have not yet blogged about the wonderful addition to our family on May 10th. 
My little sister Courtney and her hubby Jason welcomed a little baby girl into the world on May 10th!!! Her name is Daphne Leigh Britton and she is the cutest thing since sliced bread!!!!! Mum and I went up to spend a couple of days with Courtney, Jay and Daphne the long weekend in May. I took a bunch of pictures cause she is just so darn cute, but I'll just share my favourites with you!!!
This is the first picture we got of Daphne!!!! From this view I think she looks like Courtney.
This is the second picture we got of her and from this view I think she looks like Jason.
So I guess it's pretty safe to say the milkman was NOT involved!! haha!
As soon as I got to Courtney's I had to get me some Daphne cuddles. She is so comfy to have rest on you. I love the way she smells!!! That baby smell - they should bottle that up and sell it!!! To all us old girls who won't be having any more little ones!
She fell asleep on my and I just loved it!!!!!
Mum and Dad went down a bit earlier than I did to meet Daphne! Here is Grandpa holding her.
And here's Grandma!
We did let Mommy and Daddy hold her too!
But then I took her again! I hate that we live so far apart - I have to get all my snuggles in when I can.

There's a few shots of her.....I have more...but will save them for another day!
Chow for now,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Digs...

Jade successfully completed her first year of college. I am so proud of her. I know when all the college talk started she was a bit stressed.....going off to a new city, going to a new school, making new friends, all of the usual concerns about starting college. But like the trooper she is.....she rose to the challenge and succeeded. 
She has decided to stay in Windsor for the summer. The job opportunities are a little more abundant in Windsor than in Parkhill and without having access to a vehicle being right in town is easier for her to get places. So she is staying at the residence for the summer, working as a housekeeper there - they use the residence as a hotel in the summer - and then in the fall when school starts again, she will be living there still, attending classes and being an RA - residence advisor. This is a paid position so she will have a job through the school year which will be nice for her. I know she gets stressed and hates asking us for money so it will be nice that she will have some coming on a regular basis.
We went up to Windsor shortly after school was finished to get her moved into her new room. Students that stay there for the summer are not able to stay in the same rooms they had for the school year and RA's get different room as well. She has a new roommate this year, a girl that she met and who she gets along great with so that will be great for both of them. Small world though, turns out her grand parents knew my Granny and Poppa! The rooms the RA's get are the accessibility rooms so there is quite a bit more square footage in them than in a regular room. Here you can see the size of the bed room is quite a bit larger than the old room. The bathroom is larger as well. The kitchen is laid out a little bit differently because it was built to accommodate a wheel chair. There is not a great deal of storage so the girls have been creative and have used various items as storage. Old butter boxes my Granny used to have her books stored in as well as some garden racks that easily work well in a bathroom or kitchen. 
I'm looking forward to Jade having a wonderful summer as well as a great second year of college. She's in her groove when she is in Windsor and she seems happy and that is all we as parents could want for her.

chow for now