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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

I have two postings today! Today is my hubby Joe's 50th birthday. A half a century. Holy how weird does that sound....especially since it feels like high school was just last week!

Joe was up this morning when I was getting ready for work.....I get up at 4:00 AM to be to my job, so he is not always up at this's nice when he is though, cause I get to see him before I leave. This morning, I gave him a big hug and wished him a Happy Birthday, and told him I didn't get him anything....he said all I want and all I need is you! How sweet is that?

I love him to pieces!

Happy Birthday Joe! I love ya.

Chow for now,


Happy Birthday Rob!

Today is the day of one of my very dear friends birthdays! Rob Jesson. One of the best days of my "work" life was the day that Rob started working at the same place I work. He is smart, he is witty, he is a great worker, he is a great listener, he makes me laugh, he gets my sick and twisted sense of humor, and best of all he is a great friend.

Some days, he gets me through the day with his smart ass comments and his wit.

He really is a great guy, and I am blessed and proud to call him my friend.
Happy Birthday Rob!
Today I am thankful guessed it!! Rob!
Chow for now,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday! I'm doing this post at work, so I don't have a picture of her on my computer at work, so you'll have to settle with just reading about her! Wow, what can I say about my Mom? She's the best! She's beautiful, she's funny, and we have so much fun when we are together. Our most recent get together was at my place for the weekend a few weeks back. It was great. We just hung out, did some stamping, watched some movies, and we even took a zip down to the casino to try our luck! I already said I'm posting this from work, so we obviously didn't win BIG! My Mom and Dad were born in the same year, so a couple of years ago we had a big open house for them for their 60th birthdays. I cannot believe 2 years have zipped by so fast. Where does the time go?

Since I don't have a picture of my Mom with me, I am gonna post this one, cause it reminds me of my Mom. She may be lingering in the background, but she is always there when I need her.

Today, I am thankful for the best Mom!

I love you Mom,

Have a great birthday,


Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a quick one

Just a quick post to let you know that I have not kicked the bucket!!! I took a few days off work and the family drove up North for a few days. It was very relaxing and very restful, although we did a little more driving then we intended when we made the plans to go up North. Joel's soccer team made it in to the championships so we drove him home one day so he could play soccer and then we were right back up the next day....and then we are going up again cause we left Joel up there to visit for a bit! So I'll be pretty sick of driving by Sunday!

The Poplar Hill Beef Barbecue put on by the Middlesex Cattleman's Association was held last night. We were a little worried about the weather to begin with....there was a downpour at around 4:30.....but by the time all the volunteers were ready to serve supper at 5:00 the rain had stopped and the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was a great meal. You certainly never go hungry when you go to that barbecue. My Dad (Ed Fox) did a great job of organizing the event again. From my eyes it looked like things went off without a hitch. It was nice to see so many people out, in spite of the weather and it was great to see some old friends again.
Thanks to everyone who attended the barbecue and for supporting your local Middlesex Cattleman's Association.

Today I'm thankful for ............. the sun that shone at the barbecue last night!!!

Chow for now,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call Round 2 Project #3

Today is the day we get to post our 3-D project that we have created for the Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call Round #2. I found this little plaque at the dollar store in Tillsonburg or maybe it was Simcoe. My friend Jennifer was driving, so who knows where we ended up! It was at a dollar store for sure. It was just a plain wooden plaque. I then covered it with Tiffany designer paper. I sanded the edges so it was nice and smooth. I used this cool chunky glitter I scooped up at Wal-Mart and adhered it to the letters I cut out with the Big Shot, with two-way glue.

I stamped the Riley with Memento ink and coloured it with the Copics. I applied Crystal Effects to the tub to make it nice and shiny!

I really like the way this turned out. I might even have to re-paint my bathroom pink so I can hang it in my bathroom!

Today I am thankful for my husband Joe, it is our 17th wedding anniversary today, here's looking at at least another 17.

Chow for now,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Importance of Eating and Purchasing Local

Sunday I went to visit my parents at their farm. I miss the farm very much. I enjoy the conveniences of living in the city, but the privacy of living in the country is priceless. There is something to be said for walking out your door and not seeing anyone else the minute you are outside. You can walk out your door and actually hear the birds.......yep, I miss it a lot.

Every once in a while I must step up on my soap box........

My parents are beef farmers. The farmers have been hit with this awful economy just like everyone else. As Canadians we must take an active role in helping our country. A simple way we can do this is to buy Canadian products and to shop local. This means taking the time to look at labels to see where the food was grown that you are about to purchase. Many of us just head to the grocery store and buy that nice shiny apple, or that nice ripe tomato, or that thick steak, without even knowing (or taking the time to know) where the food came from. Hellman's has put together a great video to explain the importance of eating local. Please take the time to watch the video located here.

Each year, the Middlesex Beef Producers host a Beef Barbecue at the park in Poplar Hill, Ontario. It is a day of great food, great fun, entertainment and friendship. If you are in the area please come on down! ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGE kids eat for free. It's a great deal if you have a bunch of kids!

Today I am thankful for my Dad, Edward Fox. I'm thankful he married my mom and gave me the opportunity to experience the wonderful life of living on the farm.

Chow for now,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call Round 2 Project #2

Today is the day we are to post our second project for the Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call. I still can't believe I was one of the finalists! It's such a fun opportunity. I love Hanna Stamps with all their great Hanna images and the sweet Riley's and Sophie's!

When I saw this image, one of the first things that popped into my head was an old fashioned scene. You know how in the older movies, maybe more the older westerns, you would always see the cowboys soaking in a big ole bath tub after their long ride on the range and the little chambermaid with her boobs pushed up as high as they would go in her little outfit would be pouring buckets of hot water into the tub!! Well that is the image that came to my head when I saw this Riley image. So I thought how could I make it look old fashioned? Then I thought I could use the Sepia technique to make it look old fashioned. I think it turned out pretty good actually. I'll admit it looks way better in real life. It's hard to get a good picture that shows the lightened highlights of the technique.

Hope you like it!

Today I am thankful for my stampin' friends. I got together with my girls last night and we always have so much fun.....even when we have to use our brains and think and work!!!!!

Chow for now,


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Echinacea - healing powers?

I've heard that Echinacea has some healing powers. I have read that it will boost your immune system by increasing your white blood cell count and many other things. I'm not a medical professional, nor do I work in a lab, so I cannot say for sure, but I would like to think if someone received this little bit of Echinacea they would feel better after getting it!

This is another card inspired by the tutorials on Stacey King's blog. Click here to see the tutorial on the punched posy.

This one is very easy to make as well. I'm so glad all these creative people share all their great ideas of what to make and do with the punches that we sell from Stampin' Up!

The base of this card is Kiwi Kiss and then I used Urban Garden designer paper, Basic Black, Baja Breeze, Pink Pirouette and So Saffron as well. I used my Nestabilities to cut out the shape and my Cuttlebug embossing folders to add the leafy texture to the Baja Breeze piece. Stampin' Up! rub-ons were used for the word "friend".

Today I am thankful for 4 day weeks at work!

Chow for now,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiptoe through the Tulips...

Another awesome flower card inspired by Stacey King. I'm loving these punch flowers. With Stampin' Up!'s 48 colours and then the In Colours on top of that, you could have a huge honkin' bouquet of flowers.

This card uses the tulip. Click here to see Stacey's card. I tried to case it as best I could but I didn't have all of the same stuff that Stacey had. When I case I try to case exactly for the first one and then when I get comfortable with the first one then I can branch out and tweak and add my little special unique touches.

This one is super easy and looks so cool. I used Chocolate Chip card stock for the base of the card. Urban Garden designer paper, Basic Black, More Mustard, Kiwi Kiss, Creamy Caramel, and Pretty in Pink for the rest. I used the Baroque Motif stamp set as well as the Weathered background stamp. I really really like these tulips.

Today I am thankful for flowers. I really love flowers. I love to garden and love all the beautiful colours that come sprouting up from the ground during the spring and summer.

Chow for now


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daisy Card

I cannot remember who directed me to Stacey King's blog, but I am very glad they did. She has made some very awesome projects and she has some awesome tutorials for making flowers using the Stampin' Up! punches. When my Mum was over this weekend, we tried a few! They were fun, and not as hard as I had expected. Stacey's tutorials are awesome and so easy to follow.

Here is the Daisy Card that I cased right from Stacey's blog. The only thing different I did was use the scallop punch and some sponging of ink to make it look like clouds behind the daisy because I thought it was a little bare. Click here to see Stacey's card and the tutorial for it.

I love the way this turned out. And there are so many possibilities for the colours of your daisy. Thanks Stacey for sharing!

Today I'm thankful for Stacey King!

Chow for now,


Monday, August 3, 2009

Hanging with my Mum!

What a great weekend I had. My Mum came over on Friday evening after work and stayed until late Sunday night! We have not had a weekend together in ......well I can't remember when. I love spending time with my Mum. We have so much fun and we can be goofy as goofy can be and we don't really care what anyone thinks!!! I'm sure my kids thought Mom and Grandma Linda were a bit wacko this weekend...but that's okay! Laughter is AWESOME medicine!

I was working on their computer. They are still on dial up out on the farm, and the computer they have is still running Windows 98 so they were in definite need of some upgrading. I happened to have an extra computer kicking around here, so part of the weekend plan was to get all their data off the old one and on to the new one. I managed to get most of it done, but with the ever evolving world of computers there are a few things that are not available in the new computer, but they still need for their dial up. With any luck I'll be able to do enough research to figure it out or pick the brains of the guys I work with to figure out what can be done for them.

We took a little jaunt down to the casino to try our luck. I managed to win $40.30! Not a huge amount, but it's still exciting with the credit thing is adding up and you wonder how much you have won. We were playing the 2 cent machines so it wasn't gonna be millions, but it's still fun! I am dense when it comes to playing those machines though. Back in the pulled on the handle and waited for the 3 matching symbols to come up ......well now.....there are numerous pictures of many different things scrolling by and you can play 40 lines with so many credits per line - they need to supply "Slot Machines for Dummies" books at each machine so you know what the heck you are doing! I haven't been to Vegas in a number of years....I wonder if all their machines are like that now too. There is a lot to be said for simplicity!! Either way it was still fun and exciting to see the credit thing flying by and the music playing!

We watched a couple of movies as well. We watched "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was a really good movie. It drives home the message that it really is important to do things when you have a chance. In this big ole world you just never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. We also watched "It's a Boy Girl Thing" with Kevin Zegers. I like to watch Kevin's movies cause he is from our town! He's a good looking young man so that makes it even more enjoyable to watch the movie. It was a cute movie, we enjoyed it.

Kind of a Freaky Friday angle to it, but with a boy and a girl instead of a mother and a daughter.

My Mum was unable to come to my Christmas Card classes, so she whipped up the cards from my classes while she was here! So she's got a head start on her Christmas cards for this year! Now the hard part is figuring out who gets what card!

We also worked away on making some cool flower cards from punches...but if I show them today....I won't have anything to post for tomorrow!!!

Today I am thankful for my husbands friend Tim. He called up my hubby and asked him to go down to the lake with him. I think my hubby needs to spend more time with his friends, so I am glad he decided to go.

Chow for now,


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call Round 2

Happy Civic holiday to all you Canadians that follow my blog. To you Americans that follow, you should move to Canada so you can have a holiday too!!!!

I had the pleasure of stamping with my best girls last weekend and I got all my challenges done for the Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Call Round 2. Kristi provided us with an image and Vicki Garrett the design team coordinator sent us out all the specifications for our posts.

Here are today's cards.

I had this scrap of glittery textured card stock (left over from a card Vicki made!)......if you know anything about will know that NO piece of paper no matter how teeny weeny....gets thrown out!!! So I have lots of scraps for making embellishments on my cards.

I used this funky paper to make the circles for embellishments and I also used it to paper piece the bathtub! I used my Souffle markers to colour the bubbles and then adorned them with Stickles. Crystal Effects were applied on the bubbles and the rubber ducky to make them shine.

This one is simple, but cute none the less!

I used my Scor-pal to make the blocks on the blue card stock to look like bathroom tiles. Crystal Effects were applied to the bubbles and the bath tub to give it some shine. Then Dew drops were applied around the image to make it look like Riley is in a big bubble!

Hope you like them!

Today I am thankful for................My Mom!!! She is sitting here learning about blogging and hanging out for the weekend!!!! What could be better?

Chow for now,