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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mum!

Wow, I looked at the date of my last post......oops...I certainly have been neglecting posting things on here. I will try and get back to a more regular posting. I have made a few cards over the last couple of months and I have lots of cute pictures of Daphne, so there is no excuse for not posting.....other than laziness of course!!! 
I HAD to post today - no excuses - cause it's Mum's birthday today!!
I love her so much and am so glad that we live so close to one another now. I drive by her house every day on my way to work and on my way home. It's nice to be so close. I wish Diana and Courtney were that close as well. I can zip down there to see her or give her a shout and say come on down! It's great.
My Mum is great, she is one of the strongest people I know. (She takes after my Granny in that respect).
I'm so proud of her. She was in so much pain and was so very uncomfortable with a bum shoulder. She finally got the call to get it fixed this year. She had a shoulder replacement.She was a trooper and followed all the rules and did all the exercises and is now pretty much back to normal....except she probably needs to have her other shoulder fixed. She always takes problems by the horns and deals with them head on.
I hope to be like her one day, or hope I am like her now! 
I love her with all my heart.
I hope you have a wonderful day Mum.
Chow for now,