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Sunday, January 28, 2018

When dreams come true....

There truly is a special feeling you get inside when you watch one of your children's dreams come true. Jade, over the last few years has shown a real passion for photography. She has a great eye and captures natural images. She has done a few engagements sessions, some family sessions, a wedding, a first birthday cake bash, some Christmas mini's and a boudoir session to name a few.
She has been renting a studio in London for her inside mini sessions. It's a great place, big and has a whole bunch of different "set" ideas for pictures. After renting it a couple of times Jade would talk about how cool it would be to have her own space for her own studio. Well...good things come to those who wait. She heard about a space that was available from one of the regulars at the diner she works at. So she and I went over to the space to see what she thought. I tried very hard to keep my comments and opinions to myself, because this is her thing, not mine. (but between you and me...I thought the space was really cute - rustic and quaint - just like she was looking for).
A couple weeks later she said yep, I'm gonna rent it and I have an Open House scheduled on the 4th of February!
So we thought we better get our butts in gear and get it in tip-top shape. So last week I booked a day off and we worked on the floor. It's a cypress wood floor that does not require varnish, but does require a polish of linseed oil about once a year or so. The space had been sitting empty for quite some time so it was quite dusty and needed a good cleaning.  Jade had most of that done before the day that I booked off to help her with the floor.

We started off with a nice cozy fire in the little wood stove
Jade painted up the bottom tray to make it nice and clean and she polished up the glass door so you can see the fire burning inside! It suits the rustic feel of the space.
Then we started on the floor. We got a really coarse stable broom to sweep up the floor and get in all the little spaces between the floor boards. Then I went along and vacuumed in all of the little spaces between the floor boards.

 Granny and Poppa even checked in on us at 11:11

 Then once we had scrubbed and swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed again, we were ready to apply the linseed oil!

 We started in this little spot behind the counter - I rolled on the oil and then Jade rubbed it in with a cloth.

 We even had Joe helping us! He went around the edge of the room and applied the linseed oil to the edges with a paint brush as we couldn't get that close with the roller.

 This is what it looked like when we were all done!!!!! And that couch there - another perfect timing thing!! One of my BFF's Kim Pargeter sent me a message asking me if I knew anyone who needed a couch!!! Jade jumped right on that for the studio! It's the exact style that she was looking for and it fits right in with the colors of the space!
 So....the Open House is on Sunday February 4th from 9-5. You should come out and check it out!!!!! There will be beverages and snacks and a chance to win some great prizes!!!!!

Chow for now,