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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Once Upon A Time Markers Colouring Class

 I finally got around to tackling the markers version of the Once Upon A Time colouring class from Kit and Clowder. The image we were colouring was an image by Conie Fong.

I was a bit intimidated by all that dress!!! But at the end I was relatively pleased with the results. I still need to work on some of the techniques, but it was fun and I learned a lot!

We started off coloring the background. Starting with the little mounds of grass along the pathway.

Next up was the bushes in front and around the castle

We went from there to the trees adding in texture

Next was the mountains farthest away in the image

Then we coloured the pathway up to the castle

From there we moved on to the castle and the peaks on the castle

We coloured our little carriage making it look like a blue pumpkin.

The sky was the next technique

Then on to the flowers just behind the princess

Skin and hair was next - this is still a challenge for me, but every time I get a bit better

Next up...THE DRESS......I was not too sure about this. All those ruffles and that blending......

And then the finished product!

And then this is the one I did after, trying to apply the technique I learned during the class.

All in all I was pleased with the end result..need more work on that dress blending...but it will come.
chow for now,

Monday, October 19, 2020

Dog Colouring Class

 I purchased another colouring class from Kit and Clowder!! Actually I am a member now, so each month I get a new class. In the middle of the month Alyce releases a free class for members only, and she also releases a vintage class for a very discounted price. The classes are AMAZING. Not only do you get the instructions, but these instructions are provided in a booklet that you keep FOREVER and you also get a video tutorial that is also yours to keep FOREVER.  So when you are colouring along and you are stuck on how to colour trees lets say, crack open a booklet or fire up the video and get a refresher course on colouring those trees!!!!! I love the NO PRESSURE of the classes. They do not have to completed in a matter of time, once you have purchased it you can work at your own pace and like I said you keep it FOREVER!!!! Anyhow on with the colouring part!!!!

This class I purchased was a Dog colouring class. I learned with both markers and pencils how to colour various breeds of dogs! I still can't get over how a few simple techniques make your images come to life.

We started off with this plain old image of a beagle. I'll be honest, I thought there is no way I'm gonna be able to make it look like those cute little suckers I see walking down the street!!!

Well believe it or not....Here is the finished marker image

And here is the finished pencil image

I think for this beagle I liked the pencil image the best. I had a bit more control with the pencils and I still need to work on fur with my markers.

Next up - the pug!  

Here is the finished marker image.

And the finished pencil image

Once again, I think for the pug I liked the finished product with the pencils. I like his eyes a bit better in the pencil image, they are quite dark in the marker image.

Next one, the husky!

Here is the finished marker image

and the finished pencil image

I think for the husky I liked the pencils as well. He looks fluffier...more like an actual husky with the pencils.

Then on to the Maltese

He is the finished product with the markers. I really actually like this guy. I think the shading really shows the texture in his face.

And the finished pencil product

I like this one too. He's a little softer looking than the marker one. I was really happy with both the maltese images.

French bulldog is next

Here is the marker image. I didn't have the exact same colours as I needed, so I find this one a little not so great. There is too much contrast in the dark part of his face.

The pencil image is a bit better. More control with the pencils allowed for some better shading.

Retriever was next

Here is the final marker image. Not bad. I like the colours, but need to work on my fur!

Finished pencil product. He's okay too, but fur is HARD!!!

These are all 6 of the dogs together coloured in marker

And all 6 of the dogs coloured together in pencil.

Another kick ass class by Kit and Clowder!!!

Chow for now,

Once Upon A Time pencils colouring class!!!!!

I haven't been very good at posting lately..that seems to be how I start every post!!! 

I signed up with Kit and Clowder in June to learn how to colour. The June class was super fun. I've had the July pencils class done for a while, but have just not got around to posting the pictures of it.

This one was the July 2020 Once Upon A Time Pencils class.

We started off with this cute image from Conie Fong.

We then started colouring the green grass mounds by the side of the little creek.

Next we moved on to the sky. I really like how this turned out. I will definitely remember it so I can use it in scenes for cards and things.

Next was colouring the rocks along the creek as well as the rocks around the house.

After that we moved on to the water and the reflection of the grass, rocks, bridge and trees in that water. We then coloured the cute little cabin. Making sure we had a glow in the window to let everyone know someone was home! 

From there we moved on to the trees, bushes and canopy of leaves across the top. Simple techniques add nice texture to all of the elements in the picture.

From there we moved on to the skin and her pretty eyes. Skin takes some practice for sure, but each time I get a little bit better and a little more comfortable.

Next was hair. Which is a little tough because it was black hair. But she turned out okay I think.

Then we moved on to the dress and finished up the basket of flowers and the little birds.

Here is my final product after following along with the class instructions


Every time I complete a class, I then do another of the exact same image just to reinforce the things I learned during the class and to spend a bit of extra time on anything I may have struggled with or wanted to tweak. I'm always surprised how different each one looks, even though they are the exact same image, the exact same colours, coloured by the exact same person! 

This is the final product I coloured on my own after the class, trying to remember all of the things I learned! I'll be honest, I have a ways to go, but I am pleased with how they both turned out. There are some things in the original image I like better than the other, but then there are some things in the other image I like better than the original. I still am amazed....when I walk by and look at it...I give my self a little pat on the back and say "I did that!"

Chow for now!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Congratulations Teri!!

 Joel's girlfriend Teri 

graduated from nursing school and so today we had a surprise little get together for her to celebrate her achievement. It was just an intimate little get together with her family and our family and a couple of her closest friends.

I wanted to make her a card, as I had recently got a new set from Unity that I wanted to put some ink to.

I had the idea in my head and "this time" it actually came out on the paper the way I thought in my head!!

Sometimes that is not the case.

I started with all these components....

which made this final product!!

I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have been taking some colouring classes with Kit and Clowder and it's crazy how a few short lessons with some basic principals have transformed my colouring.

Chow for now,