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Saturday, April 23, 2016

In the Heart of the Sea

Joe called me at work yesterday morning wondering if I had anything planned when I got home from work, cause he would like to have a movie night. He has been asking me for a while now to watch In the Heart of the Sea, but I have been busy watching all my cools shows and stuff!
So we decided to watch it last night. It was very good.
It was fun to see stars in it that we know from other shows.
Like Michelle Fairley who play Catelyn Stark on Game of Thrones!! 
 And Frank Dillane who plays Nick on Fear the Walking Dead!


 And well...any show with Chris Hemsworth in it......NICE!!!!

Now I need to read the book Moby Dick!
chow for now

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Good Lord....I have been fighting with Google for about a month now to let me change my password to get back on so I can make blog posts.
FINALLY today I managed to get it reset and get logged in.
I can post again!!
Just in time....Daphne's gonna be 3 soon for goodness sake!

Chow for now