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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

LVC Alumni Game - December 23, 2014

Last night Wayne scheduled an Alumni volleyball game for the fellas who have played for the LVC Fire.
How much fun to see all the guys on the court again.
Did my heart good to see Joel on the court again for sure. And it did it super good to see him laughing and smiling and having a great time with the guys he played with last year.
They are a wonderful bunch of young men who are going to do great things in this world.

Here are a few shots from last night.

 It was awesome to see these "loud" shoes laced up and running around the court again!
 I was happy to see that Charlie made the switch over to the LVC Club. This kid is going places for sure!

 This brings back lots of memories to last year. A super bunch of guys doing what they love.

 I really enjoy watching this fella, Sam Otten play. Even when he is kicking back having fun, he is a very intense player....and that smile.....could he be any cuter!!!
 And this guy - Andrew Richards - a natural born leader. It was great to see him again last night.
 I miss this handsome face as well. Evan Hammond, one of THE politest guys on the team.

 Here's a shot of all the fellas that came out last night. What a fun group. It was a hoot to watch them play, and "chirp" each other. It was a fun, fun night.

And this guy.....An incredible coach and man. Wayne's work with these guys is truly inspirational. He really does turn them into fine young men. And the number of guys who came out last night is truly a testament to how he has affected and inspired each and every one of them. I am very thankful, grateful and blessed that he is part of our lives. 

Chow for now,

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When the Game Stands Tall.....GREAT movie

I was feeling a little under the weather the other day so decided to sit back and watch a movie. I picked When the Game Stands Tall. Wow. What a great choice.
I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thought it looked really good and I always like a movie that is inspired by a true story. 
Jim Caviezel played the character of Bob Ladoucer - the coach of the football team. It was nice to see him play a different role for a bit, as I  have been watching him play "John Reese" on Person of Interest. He was able to play this character well, although there were a couple of times the look on his face was the same as the one he gets just before he shoots someone on the knee cap!
Michael Chiklis plays the character of Terri Edison, the assistant coach and best friend of Bob Ladoucer. He did a great job in this role as well.
Clancy Brown plays the character of Mickey Ryan. I have been enjoying watching him play the cop/mentor to Abby Mills in the television show Sleepy Hollow, so it was nice to see him in a different role as well. He did a great job of playing one of those pain in the ass parents that you just want to ban from the stadium/gym/field/court because they can't just come and watch the game, they have to get all up in people's face and push and push and push their kids for all the wrong reasons. 
I'm not a huge fan of football....I'll be honest...I watch the Super Bowl every year - but it's mostly for the half time show! But I have enjoyed all of the football movies I have watched - The Blind Side, The Replacements, The Longest Yard, We are Marshall. They have all been great. This one is as well.
If you get a chance to watch it. Give it a go!
Here is the trailer for it.

Chow for now, 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Funny how things happen........

Not that this is a life-shattering thing or anything, but sometimes it makes me laugh the way things happen. You are thinking about a time in your life and then the song that was the soundtrack of that moment comes on the radio. You are thinking about someone and then you happen to see them the next day at the know things like that.
On Sunday, after getting home from a fun stamping weekend with my good friends Donna and Kim, I had a bit more stamping to finish up. So I sat at my table, turned on my laptop and popped in a movie to have on in the background. I decided to put in Jersey Boys. Mum had taken me to the theatre to see the show and it was fabulous. The music was amazing and I love the way they did the show with the show still going on, but then someone kind of steps apart from the scene and talks to you. I was very excited to see that it was coming to the movie theatres and that Clint Eastwood was directing the show. After I did a bit of research I realized that he pretty much kept most of the original cast from the Broadway show and put them in the movie. (brilliant!!) Anyhow, I watched the movie and it was really good. It was pretty much exactly like the theatre show and the music of course was awesome.

So last night, I decided to sit down and watch the most recent episode of Hawaii Five O. As the show was starting and they put on the various names of the people who are in the show that evening.......the name Frankie Valli came across the screen. I just thought that was kind of funny/interesting that I had just watched Jersey Boys the night before and then Frankie Valli is on the next show that I watch. He played Leonard, a fellow who was getting married to McGarrett's Aunt Deb played by Carol Burnett. I thought it was interesting that in the wedding scene Carol Burnett sang to  him. I wonder what she felt like singing to Frankie Valli! 

So not a huge long post today, just a little bit of what swirls around in this old head of mine!
Chow for now,