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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday! I'm doing this post at work, so I don't have a picture of her on my computer at work, so you'll have to settle with just reading about her! Wow, what can I say about my Mom? She's the best! She's beautiful, she's funny, and we have so much fun when we are together. Our most recent get together was at my place for the weekend a few weeks back. It was great. We just hung out, did some stamping, watched some movies, and we even took a zip down to the casino to try our luck! I already said I'm posting this from work, so we obviously didn't win BIG! My Mom and Dad were born in the same year, so a couple of years ago we had a big open house for them for their 60th birthdays. I cannot believe 2 years have zipped by so fast. Where does the time go?

Since I don't have a picture of my Mom with me, I am gonna post this one, cause it reminds me of my Mom. She may be lingering in the background, but she is always there when I need her.

Today, I am thankful for the best Mom!

I love you Mom,

Have a great birthday,



Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

Love the pic, Mum needs to shave her legs!

Mwah, and love,

August 25, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

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