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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hanging with my Mum!

What a great weekend I had. My Mum came over on Friday evening after work and stayed until late Sunday night! We have not had a weekend together in ......well I can't remember when. I love spending time with my Mum. We have so much fun and we can be goofy as goofy can be and we don't really care what anyone thinks!!! I'm sure my kids thought Mom and Grandma Linda were a bit wacko this weekend...but that's okay! Laughter is AWESOME medicine!

I was working on their computer. They are still on dial up out on the farm, and the computer they have is still running Windows 98 so they were in definite need of some upgrading. I happened to have an extra computer kicking around here, so part of the weekend plan was to get all their data off the old one and on to the new one. I managed to get most of it done, but with the ever evolving world of computers there are a few things that are not available in the new computer, but they still need for their dial up. With any luck I'll be able to do enough research to figure it out or pick the brains of the guys I work with to figure out what can be done for them.

We took a little jaunt down to the casino to try our luck. I managed to win $40.30! Not a huge amount, but it's still exciting with the credit thing is adding up and you wonder how much you have won. We were playing the 2 cent machines so it wasn't gonna be millions, but it's still fun! I am dense when it comes to playing those machines though. Back in the pulled on the handle and waited for the 3 matching symbols to come up ......well now.....there are numerous pictures of many different things scrolling by and you can play 40 lines with so many credits per line - they need to supply "Slot Machines for Dummies" books at each machine so you know what the heck you are doing! I haven't been to Vegas in a number of years....I wonder if all their machines are like that now too. There is a lot to be said for simplicity!! Either way it was still fun and exciting to see the credit thing flying by and the music playing!

We watched a couple of movies as well. We watched "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was a really good movie. It drives home the message that it really is important to do things when you have a chance. In this big ole world you just never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. We also watched "It's a Boy Girl Thing" with Kevin Zegers. I like to watch Kevin's movies cause he is from our town! He's a good looking young man so that makes it even more enjoyable to watch the movie. It was a cute movie, we enjoyed it.

Kind of a Freaky Friday angle to it, but with a boy and a girl instead of a mother and a daughter.

My Mum was unable to come to my Christmas Card classes, so she whipped up the cards from my classes while she was here! So she's got a head start on her Christmas cards for this year! Now the hard part is figuring out who gets what card!

We also worked away on making some cool flower cards from punches...but if I show them today....I won't have anything to post for tomorrow!!!

Today I am thankful for my husbands friend Tim. He called up my hubby and asked him to go down to the lake with him. I think my hubby needs to spend more time with his friends, so I am glad he decided to go.

Chow for now,



Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!!

Love ya!


August 3, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

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