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Monday, September 21, 2009

Guess what we're getting?.......

A German Girl!!!!!

Jade, my daughter is in Grade 10 this year. She came home from school one day asking if she could participate in an exchange program and be a host family for a girl who is coming to visit Woodstock from October 10 - October 27.

Initially we said no because the timing is just not the best....we have a whole mess of stuff going on in October, but then we thought the experience will be awesome for Jade so we agreed.

So on October 10th we pick up our girl from the school and she stays with us until October 27th. The school has a jam-packed 17 days scheduled for the group. They do something every single day they are here and they spend weekends with their host families. Some of the things they are going to do is visit Toronto (CN Tower, Eaton Centre, Legislature, Raptors game), Niagara Falls, St. Jacobs, Otterville, Longpoint, Backus Mills, Woodstock Museum and we have a pot luck with all of them as well.

It should be an interesting experience for all of us!

Ines is coming from Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium in Reutlingen Germany.

I'll keep you posted on the adventure!!!

Chow for now,


Friday, September 18, 2009


....where have I been!
Do you ever just lose your stampin' mojo? I leave my table set up in my great room so that when I get the urge I can stamp something, but every once in a while, I just lose the mojo. It just disappears over night and usually I need someone to ask me to do something for them for my mojo to get running again. I am participating in an event with 4 of my stamping buddies. We are having a scrapbooking day on October 25th at the CAW hall in Woodstock, so I best be getting my mojo back soon! We have had our planning meetings and we know what we are going to be teaching everyone so all we need to do now is sell lots and lots of tickets and order the supplies!!!
So hopefully within the next day or two I'll post a picture of the scrapbook pages I am going to be teaching at our event!
So......I never ever watched Grey's Anatomy when it came out. I was a loyal ER fan and just didn't want to feel like a traitor to ER by watching another medical show.....which really is silly cause I watched Chicago Hope when it was on which is another medical show...but anyhow...I saw a few episodes last season and I thought why the heck have I not been watching this show, it's fabulous. So I decided to watch all the seasons from the beginning so I was all caught up when the new season starts on the 24th of September. Well, as time has that way of getting away from us, I was talking to my Mom and she mentioned that Grey's was coming back on the 24th of September. Well didn't that just put me in a panic....I had until the 24th to watch 5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy!!!

So the marathon started!!!! We (the whole family) has been on a Grey's Anatomy marathon for the last little while trying to get all the shows watched before the season premiere. I must say we are doing quite well. We will start into Season 5 tonight, so we'll certainly get it all watched before the 24th. My eyes are square from watching so much television, but it's worth it...I'm sure my eyes will go back to the way they were before..I hope.
I must say.....they say the word "seriously" an awful lot on that show! (hence the title of today's post!!)
Anyhow, I just wanted to post to let you know that I have not crawled under a rock somewhere - unless of course you call my television a rock...and I didn't really crawl under it.....but have been sitting in front of it!
Chow for now,

Today I am thankful for ......STREAMING VIDEO on the Internet!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Month...some new chapters start .....

Well it's a new month so that means a new blog background! I try to do that at the beginning of each month....for a couple different reasons...A. to keep things fresh and new....and B. so I don't forget how to do it!!

What a crazy last few weeks it has been. We spent some time up north and then when we got home from there my daughter decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her dad. He turned 50 this year, as you saw in my previous post. I cannot believe how organized and how focused my daughter can be at 15. She planned a great party. She was a little disappointed with the number of people who showed up. She spent the better part of a day calling people and letting them know of the party and she sensed that they were going to be coming and the turn out was not what we had hoped for. The good thing was though that her dad had no idea about it and it was a surprise. He had a good time and was impressed by the amount of work and planning she put into the party, so from that aspect it was a success. The kids both bought Joe a badge to wear at the party!
We didn't take too many pictures, but here's the cake! I decided on carrot cake instead of chocolate or vanilla. I figured it might go better with beer - and luckily it was the right choice..I'm not sure if it goes good with beer....but the people who were there were glad it was carrot!

I cannot believe I have not even picked up a stamp in probably a month. I have a bunch of things to work on and get completed, so I best be getting my butt in gear.

I'm finding it hard to believe it is September already. My kids head back to school next Tuesday. How is it possible that I have a daughter going into Grade 10 and a son going into Grade 8. I was talking to a friend of mine whose wife is pregnant and we were talking about childbirth and delivery and just the whole thing, and I can remember it like it was just yesterday, so how did I go from there to high school and the last year of public school. How do I have a husband who is 50?!!? I don't know about you, but I don't really feel a whole lot different than I did when I was 20. Yeah sure I'm dragging around some extra weight than I had back then, but I still watch the movies Dirty Dancing and Footloose every time they come on television, I still love to read Harry Potter and some Judy Blume!

Oh well, I guess they say you are only as old as you feel, so I'm doing okay! (Typing just got a little harder here as Shadow has jumped up on my lap and has decided to lay down with her front paws and head resting on my left hand)
Well I am gonna sign off, as my hubby just asked me if I would like to go down to the park and watch a baseball game with him. We haven't done that together in ages.

Today I am thankful for......all the people who came out to Joe's surprise party.

Chow for now