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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Well today is Day One of Week Four and I wish I was skinny, but am happy to say I went down 3 pounds last week, for a running total of 10 pounds so far. So I'm happy with that. I will admit that I have not started my "moving" part of this whole process though. With both the kids playing sports (field hockey and volleyball) it seems like I am on the go all the time. I get done work, come home, grab the mail, change my clothes, figure out supper, then off to Parkhill to pick up the kids, then make supper then clean up after supper than get a few things done around the house and then look at the clock and holy moly it's after 9 and I have to get up at 4:00 AM, so there never seems to be the time. I will insert it somewhere though. So it's premiere week. I love this time of the year. All my favourite shows are coming back and some new ones are coming that look like they will be good. The ones we have watched so far are Law and Order - SVU and Hawaii Five-O. SVU was a 2 hour season premiere, but split into two separate episodes. I initially thought the guest star was going to be a love interest for Olivia, but her turned out to the be the that's too bad! I think Olivia needs a love interest! It was a good start to the season though. Hawaii Five-O I watched cause I wanted to see how it was compared to the original....but then I thought to myself...I don't think I have ever watched an original Hawaii Five-O episode...not that I can remember what do I have to compare it to? But I watched it anyway and it was pretty good. Lots of action and I like the character chemistry. The main character was in the movie The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez which is a great movie. Another character played Jin on the show LOST and the female character was on a great show that they cancelled called The Cleaner. I will definitely watch it again. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing the characters develop. Tonight is Criminal Minds! I've been looking forward to the return of that show! I should have a card or two in the next few days as well! Chow for now Jacqui


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

Well crap not only have I missed the Hawaii 5-0 start, I am back to almost the weight I started at months ago...for the love of pete.
You are doing awesome.
Love you,

September 22, 2010 at 11:55 AM  

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