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Monday, August 30, 2010

Puzzle update

We spent a little time this weekend working on our puzzle. It is taking a little bit longer than I had anticipated, but it's been such a long time since I have worked on one, it is fun. It's nice to spend some quality time with Joel. We sit and chat and listen to music or watch some tv while we are "puzzling" away. Here is how far we are now!
I went into visit Granny with my Mom on Saturday. It was great to see her. She is doing so well, it just makes me smile to think about it. She looks great and she's getting back into the things she used to love to do, like reading, doing word searches and writing in her diary.
We got up early and took a drive back to the
Grand Bend Flea Market on Sunday. I absolutely love this market. You can buy antiques, baked goods, Egyptian sheets, Crocs, movies, books, garden decor, blinds, knives, purses, belts, clothes, socks, and all kinds of other items. We specifically went back to get pepperettes and Joel wanted to get a belt buckle. He found one he liked, and I got my fix of pepperettes and Joe even got a couple of tools. One of the nicest things about this market too is the AWESOME local produce. There is nothing better than eating something that you know was grown right here in Ontario. If you don't buy local - you should - you will notice a HUGE difference in taste and quality. We also saw some old friends of ours when we were walking through the market so it was nice to get caught up with them. (Hi Keith and Linda!) We also stopped at Dale's Antique Market. OMG - this place is amazing. The furniture and antiques in this place are beautiful. There were only about 200 things that I wanted!!!! I could not get over the quality of the items in the market. There was this beautiful queen sized bed frame that had huge balls on the head and foot board, and these balls were the size of a large cabbage. I could not get over it. It was BEAUTIFUL (now to win the lottery so I can totally throw out all my stuff and redecorate from Dale's market!) You should check the place out if you are ever back in Grand Bend. It's definitely worth the stop. Then we headed home and Joe did some yard work, but I'll be honest..I was a couch potato for most of the afternoon - I did some laundry and worked on the puzzle a bit - and I even had a nap! It certainly was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hope your Sunday was enjoyable as well. Chow for now Jacqui


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