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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Volleyball Proud

For those of you who know me, you know that I love the game of volleyball. I played it every season in school since I was in Grade 6. Then when I got to high school I played every year as well. My volleyball coach even put together a team that played outside of school hours and we went to big tournaments in London and area. We had a blast! Then when I moved to Woodstock, I played in a ladies league, which was lots of fun....I even played while I was pregnant!!!! This all came to and end in 2002 when I dislocated my knee playing baseball. My sporting days were over. I miss the sport and the exercise. So I was happy when my kids both decided they wanted to play volleyball. They both played on the teams in elementary school, but to be honest elementary school sports has changed a lot since I was there. They don't even teach them basic skills any more. It just seems like an excuse to get out of class. Anyhow when Jade started high school she went out for the volleyball team and unfortunately was the very last cut from the team when she was in Grade 9. But she did not let that deter her and she tried out again in Grade 10. We had no luck that year either....once again being the last cut off the team. She has a great spirit though and she is still not discouraged and she will be trying out for the team at her new school this year in Parkhill. Joe tried out for the junior boys volleyball team in Parkhill and has made the team! We have had one tournament so far and a few school games. They are doing great for a young team. There are a great bunch of guys playing and the coach Mr. Fletcher knows his stuff - which is a HUGE bonus. I went to pick up Joel from practice last night and guess what!!! The senior boys coach asked if Joel would like to play with them in a tournament this weekend!!! So we are heading to John Paul in London on Saturday for another tournament! I am excited for him. It will be a great learning opportunity for him, to get more playing time and hopefully to have lots of fun as well! Many people have been asking me how the kids are fitting in and settling into their new school. It was a big change for them, mostly for Jade because she is in Grade 11 now. Joel is in Grade 9 this year so it would have been a new school with lots of new faces if we still lived in Woodstock too. Well their first dance of the year was held last Thursday evening. The theme for the dance was "Bright, Tight and Tacky". I had no idea what his plan was for wearing anything special, or if he would participate with the theme at all. Little did I know that he certainly did have a plan!!! Here is what he wore to the dance, so he certainly is not shy and seems to be fitting in just fine! Chow for now Jacqui


Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Sexy Joel!!!!! Lol.........Good for you buddy~



October 1, 2010 at 5:03 PM  

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