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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Play Ball...

This past weekend my Mom called and asked if I would go to a Blue Jays baseball game with her. I haven't been to a Jays game in before Jade and Joel were born, so I said sure!!! Our bus left Ilderton at 830 AM and we arrived in Toronto around 1130 AM. We were very lucky and Courtney came to meet us at the game! Fun girl times!!! Mom and I were standing up on steps peering over the crowd so we could see Courtney when she got to the stadium. We were looking and looking and looking and all of a sudden there she was right in front of us!!! We didn't even see her! I was looking for her flaming red hair, but she tricked us and she had it up in a pony tail and had on a Blue Jays visor!!! The game was fun..even though the Jays lost 7 - 4 to the Boston Red Sox, but it was fun to hang out with mom and Courtney. It was Jr. Jays Saturday as well.....which means that there were kids EVERYWHERE. They had a bunch of events going on out outside the stadium before the game started. Jr. Jay was walking around and dancing with the kids. I couldn't resist..I had to get his picture with Mom!!
Thanks Mom for the great day!
Chow for now,



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