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Friday, May 11, 2012

Homeward Bound....

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 I've always been a sucker for a good animal movie. Homeward Bound is a great one and interestingly enough the dog in the movie is the same kind as Charlie! I have no idea how they train the animals to do what they do in the movies. They must spend an incredible amount of time with them to get them to do all those stunts and tricks etc.
Last spring you might remember me posting about a litter of kittens that somehow showed up on our doorstep. There were 4 of them and we named them after candies - Nibs, Gobstopper, Licorice and Runt. They were cute. But, as life in the country goes......we now only have one cat left; Nibs. He is a great barn cat. He's a great hunter, and climbs trees like nobodies business. Some times we'll go outside and call "Nibs, here Nibs" and we look up and she is lounging in one of our big catalpa trees. Then she'll come climbing down and the minute you touch her she purrs like a little race car! It took Charlie a little while to get used to the kittens when they first came to our place. They meow really loud and have sharp little claws. But over time they became fast friends and to this day, they are still buddies. I have to try and get some video of Charlie and Nibs together in the sun. Charlie will be laying on the deck, basking in the sun and Nibs will come up and start rubbing his head against Charlie. Then he does almost like a somersault which makes him end up laying right in between Charlies front paws, where he proceeds to hold both sides of Charlies head and lick her face. It is absolutely adorable. I will do my best to get some video of it in the next little while. For now, you'll have to settle on these cute pictures Jade took the other day as she was walking out to get the mail. Nibs follows Charlie everywhere.
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