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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!! - Yes it was!!!

I got totally spoiled this year for Mother's Day!! It was awesome!!!! Jade and Joel gave me some flowers last weekend only because they bought them when they saw them and didn't want to have to hide them for a week! So these are the beautiful orchids and miniature roses they bought me! I love the colors. And the bouquet of died Daisies too! How vibrant those colors are
Then on Sunday, Joel was gonna take me to a movie. I had not been feeling well on Saturday and was still not feeling 100% on Sunday so we are putting that off until I am feeling better. I don't want to waste a good time with Joel cause I am feeling crappy. So his great gift to me was finally making his own eggs!!! I'm sure he has been more than capable of making them on his own before this, but he's my baby and well I cater to him (I know Jade!!!) and so now he can make his own eggs and breakfast burritos!! Then when Jade got home from work, there were more surprises and gifts.
She made this AWESOME gift board - which cracked me up and she got me plants and scrap booking stuff and gardening stuff. My kids know me!!!!
So the sign board - basically - she wrote a note using certain things for words. It says:
Dear Mom:
You are such a "Fantabulous" mom. I am so "Glad" you had a "Crush" on dad and now you have 2 "Wonder" ful kids! I know Joe and I are sometimes "Smarties" pants, and drive you crazy. You would probably like to fly to "Mars" but we really did "Skor" when we got an "Excel" lent mom like you.  I know your "Always" complaining the "Maid" never comes but soon that will all be "Resolved" because I will send you to the "Ritz" or an "Oasis" resort.
How cool is that thing!!!!!! I love it!!
Then she got me some very cool plants for my garden. A pink Forget-me-not, a pink Sedum,
a Hosta, and a Lupin. I picked up this Spurge (as my free Mother's Day gift from the Flower Ranch). I also go this awesome garden package which has a planter, and a dragon fly candle thingy, some clay pots, some plant ties, gloves, a digging spade, some plant tape, fertilizer sticks, garden markers, a bag for weeds in the garden, some citronella tea lights and the pink bag at the back...I forgot to take a picture of.... but inside there were two K&Company 12 X 12 paper packs and some Martha Stewart stickers and two magazines about making great looking back yards!!!! And you can see "where's Waldo" aka Joel...peeking in the corner of the picture. I totally have to make a Where's Waldo album - cause I have so many pictures where he has got into the shot in a tiny corner or behind someone - it's quite comical.
I cut some lilacs from my lilac bush and brought them in the house. Oh my goodness when I walked into the kitchen this morning that was all I could smell. It was great!
I hope you all had a great mother's day as well.
chow for now, 


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