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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Goals, New Family members....

WOW..2011...that happened really really fast. I still remember the old "freaking out over Y2K" ha ha still makes me laugh when I think back on that. I must admit when I reflect on 2010, I am very glad that it is over. Our family had a few set backs in 2010 and we are positively looking forward to a much brighter year in 2011. We definitely had some good things happen in 2010, don't get me wrong, (my little sister got engaged!!!) but I was not sad to see the ball drop to finish that year. One of my goals for 2011 is to actually "set" some goals. I always say I would like to do this or would like to do that, but I need to actually set the goal and write it down and post it somewhere that I am gonna look at it everyday so I will see it and get it in my brain that I really need to do that. So one goal is to set goals. Another goal is to lose weight. That is always a goal - more like a pain in the arse, but still a goal none the less. I must say I was happy that my weight stayed the same over the holidays in spite of all the tasty treats everyone felt the need to share with me!!!! So goal two, lose some weight and get healthier. Another goal is to try and do some more stamping. I'm still not sure if I want to continue doing all the workshops and things like that, although I do have a blast when I teach a class or get together to teach stampers something. I am just finding it hard to find the time to do all of that as well as working full time. I have also taken on coaching the kids in a couple of their sports teams and that takes up a big amount of time as well. I am enjoying it though, so I am totally not complaining about the time it takes up. I love spending the time with the kids and getting to know some of the other kids at the school. One of the BEST choices I made in 2010 was to move back to the Parkhill area and get the kids enrolled in North Middlesex District High School. It's a great school. It's a small school, and that is the best part. It's like a large family and everyone knows everyone and the support of the parents and teachers is amazing. We have got and are getting some new family members in 2011. In September of this year, we will be officially welcoming my little sister Courtney's fiance Jay into our family. We already have welcomed him in, but it will be official in September. He knows we are all crazy and he still wants to join, so he's a keeper! We had a new addition to our family on January 1st! Charlie came to live with us on that day. She is an American Bulldog and she is the funniest, and smartest, and snuggliest (is that even a word) dog I have ever met. She is a very vocal dog - I don't mean barking, but she kind of "talks" to you. It's very cute. I gave her to the kids for Christmas, but she did not come to stay until the 1st of January. It is now the 5th of January and Jade has already taken 157 pictures of her!!!! Here are a few of my favourite ones! She is very photogenic! She loves her Kong. She will chew on it for hours and she holds it in her paws! I think one is my most favourite picture of her. I like the dim light and the look on her face. It is my desktop wallpaper on my computer at work. She loves spending time with Joel I think she considers him more of her master than the rest of us, but she still listens to us, she just likes to spend most of her time with him, or at least near him. She lays like this a lot. It is so funny! look how muscly her legs are! She is VERY strong. Check out the look on her face!!!! Ha, she loves to get her head scratched!See, this is how you will usually find her, somewhere near Joel. I like this side shot of her. She looks very regal. Here she is patiently waiting for us to finish eating. She is not allowed in the kitchen when we are eating our supper or any meal for that matter and she waits in the living room like a good girl. Look at that sleepy face! I think we were taking too long to eat this time! Here is a front shot of her waiting for us to eat. I love the way she puts her two pays right together. She is very cute when she puts her head down between them as well. This one makes me laugh!! I think I will use it for an album entitled "where's Charlie?" Chow for now, Jacqui


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