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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movie watchin'.........

Yesterday was the day we were all available to go into the nursing home and visit Granny and have our little Christmas get together with her. Unfortunately Aunt Brenda was sick, so she and Uncle Mel were not able to come over, but there was Granny, Mom, Dad, Jay, Courtney, their dog Roxy, Joe, Joel, Jade and myself. We had a nice visit. We took some treats and had a bit of a snack and gave Granny her present. We all pitched in and got her a Digital Frame for Christmas. It was fun for me to get all the pictures ready cause I got to scan a whole bunch of old ones I had not seen in a long time. I now have baby pictures of my mom and her brother and sister and some pictures of my Granny's mom and dad as well. There are some good one. I don't have the pictures from yesterday off my camera yet, so I will post a few on here when I do. We decided to watch a movie when we got home last night and the pick of the evening was Piranha 3-D. We of course did not watch it in 3-D as I do not have a 3-D television, but we got the gist of the story in spite of it being played in 2-D. The advertisement for the movie states "sea, sex and blood" and well....that was pretty much it! This movie was so bad. I thought it might not be too bad because Elizabeth Shue was in it. I loved her in Adventures in Babysitting (that has to be one of my favourite movies of all time) and in Cocktail with Tom Cruise., as well as Ving Rhames, Jerry O'Connell,(I'm liking Jerry O'Connell on the new show the Defenders...but Jerry ....this was bad......and your character was a real ass) Christopher Lloyd (his character was like the Professor from Back to the Future jumped in his Delorean and drove it to the place where the Piranha live - his character was just as crazy as in Back to the Future.)and Richard Dreyfuss.(his part was pretty short lived) I thought Richard Dreyfuss being in the movie was kind of funny since he was in the original Jaws movie. Well..even though these (usually good actors and actresses) were in the still was awful. My summary of the film is that many college boys and high school boys would have loved the film...especially in 3-D cause they would have seen many many many boobs..both silicone filled and "real" up close and well as butts with thongs. I'm certainly glad I did not spend money at the theatre to see this show....and yep...they left it wide open for a sequel! We watched another show last night...well the end of another show. Joe and the kids watched it the night before, but I was falling asleep so had to watch the ending last night. It was the Last Airbender. This was a really good show. Joel has read some of the books and watched some of the cartoons and I was surprised the movie was as good as it was. I'm looking forward to the next 3 books/movies. I am assuming they will come out in 3 separate films, as this one was called book one and it was water, and there is fire, earth and wind left to deal with. Charlie comes for another visit today!! So we are all excited about that and then this evening we will be getting together with mom and dad and Jay and Courtney and Roxy for our family Christmas with them. Then I think our Christmas's are done until 2011! Chow for now Jacqui


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