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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love card..

My boss asked me to make a Valentines Day card for his girlfriend. My boss is a great guy, so I knew if I made him a card and he didn't like it.....he wasn't gonna fire me....well at least I didn't think he would! I made him a CD Calendar case calendar for his girlfriend for Christmas (you can see it in this post if you are interested) and she loved it, so I guess he figured he was good to go!
This is the card I came up with. I was pleased with it actually and I was trying to go for a nice Valentines card, but one that did not necessarily use the standard valentine colours.

On my Valentines Day, I was with my Mom in Toronto watching Jersey Boys. I know I already posted my comments on Jersey Boys, but I found a You Tube video of them singing that I had to share with you. When they come out and all sing together, the dark haired fella - he plays Frankie Valli...the two fellas in the middle were different cast members from the day I was there, but the fella on the end was the same one. I cannot say enough about this show, it's AWESOME.
Enjoy the video!
Chow for now


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

I wanna go see that now.
Plus I saw some Canadian TV too.

Love ya!

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