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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lucy Goosey.....

Thursday I am sitting at my desk at work. I start my shift at 6:00 AM. At that time of the morning there are only 2 of us at work. I was in my cubicle and I heard this noise, I though it sounded like a goose, but it kind of also sounded like a squeaky chair. So Nathan, the fella I work with, says holy crap there is a goose sitting on the window sill. So I go running out to see the goose. By the time I got there he was back down on the ground. (To totally appreciate this story it's important to know that our offices are on the very top of a cement parking garage. The building is a 5 level structure and our offices are located on the 5th floor. So when we look out our window we are looking way down towards the ground.) So Nathan and I watch the goose for few minutes and he looks like he didn't hurt himself too bad hitting the window, so I decide to go back to my desk. I told him to tell me if he got up there again. I just got around the corner and he said there he is again, but by the time I got back he was down on the ground again. So I decided to watch him for a bit. We kind of stepped back from the window, just in case he could see us, then when we leaned forward to see him, he was standing on the curb. Then all of a sudden he took was almost like slow motion.....and Nathan and I were cheering him on, yelling you can do it you can do it.....but it was not to be....smack right into the window again.
I'm thinking why is he trying to get up here? I figured his girlfriend must be up on the roof and he is trying to get to her. I run back to my desk to get my phone so I can take his picture if he decides to attempt it again. I see him get back up on his curb and it looks like he is gonna go and oops there goes the bus by him..he stepped backwards and fell off the curb...but once the bus went by, back up on the curb he gets! So I am there ready with my camera phone and yep..yep....there he goes again, but this time he took a different flight path and went a little farther on the diagonal so he had more time to get some height and he was successful this time!!! We were cheering for him! I went out to the parking garage to see if I could see him. When I walked out the door I saw a I was right!!!! His girlfriend/wife/mistress has a nest built in one of the flower beds that is attached to the side of the structure. So he was trying to get up to her! I went over and looked at her.....she turned her head with quite a bit of attitude I might add! I tried to get a bit closer to her to get a better picture with my camera, but she started hissing and I didn't want to make her mad. Later on that day I took her out some crackers. When I got close to give her the crackers she stood up and she is sitting on 2 eggs!!!! So I am gonna take some bread and stuff for her to snack on! Hopefully she will eventually realize I am not gonna hurt her or the eggs and she will stop hissing at me.

So Friday I took my camera to work to get better pictures. We have decided to call the girl Lucy and the boy Drake! I don't know how many eggs she has cause she has them buried but I hope some of them survive.

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Blogger Kristi said...

holy crap...look at that thing..:)

April 21, 2009 at 8:20 PM  

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