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Friday, April 17, 2009

Why is it.......

that when you take a knife out of your drawer or out of your knife block to cut a nice ripe and juicy tomato to make a sandwich, the knife is not sharp enough and you just end up squishing the crap out of your nice tomato? But when you put it in the sink to wash it, and you reach down into the water to pick it up, it has no problem at all slicing through your finger? It must be Murphy's Law of knives in the sink!! So not only have I been a little lacking in the stamping mojo department now I am wounded!
I received an awesome card from Jane Bosi in the mail yesterday. We both belong to a Stampin' Up! group where we use only Stampin' Up! products to make cards, but this particular challenge was a contraband challenge. So we were to use our latest contraband item to make a card. This is the card I received from Jane. The funny thing is, I used the Changito monkeys on my contraband card too! They are my newest favourite little fellas! This picture shows a close up of the little Changito dude!! Isn't he cute? With his steamin' cup of java that he is bringing into his female Changito, but the kitchen floor was chilly so he had to slip on her fuzzy slippers!

I love the way Jane coloured this. Using the white gel pen to add highlights to the coffee cup and to the head of the monkey and the pj's.

Now this picture is my beautiful Granny! This was taken on April 12th on her 90th birthday. She was talking to one of her nephews. She is just so beautiful. She looks so happy here. I love taking pictures of her when she is not looking. She will not smile for pictures so getting ones that she does not know you are taking are the best, cause then she is natural. She was having a good time on Sunday. She kept saying "why would all these people come just to see me?" Well it's cause we love you silly, Granny Grunt! She was so cute telling my mom to go and get her some earrings and her broach, so she put her cameo's on. It just makes me smile to look at this picture, I just love her so much.
All right....enough mushy stuff!!!! I'll try to get some stamping done so I can show you some fabulous creation!!!!!
Chow for now,


Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Love this card and Granny looks Beautiful!!!!!

April 17, 2009 at 4:28 PM  

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