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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Diana!

(make sure you scroll all the way down - this stupid thing put way too much space between the pictures)
Today is my sister Diana's birthday. She is so much fun and I love spending time with her. Yeah, I'm positive my mom would say we fought like cats and dogs when we were kids, but it's that familiar saying "you don't realize what you have until it's gone". You don't realize how much you are going to miss someone until they are not with you every day. I wish she lived closer. I would like my kids to get to know her better than they have. And I would love to get to know Eric (Diana's son) better too. He grew up so fast.

I started going through some old pictures to put up here of Diana to celebrate her birthday. I was unprepared for the emotions I felt while I was looking through these pictures. Some laughs, and some tears. I got so “into” looking at them, I didn’t get the post up until now! Oh my gosh what memories these pictures bring back! It was so hard to decide what pictures to post.

This picture is of Diana and I when we were quite small. Doesn’t she just look thrilled to have a new sister!!! Me on the other hand….looks like…who the hell is this and why is she squeezing me so tight!!!!

This picture is Diana’s “Little House on the Prairie” look. I don’t think there are any pictures of me in this get up. (hope not!) Ha ha just kidding. It is a cute little outfit, I'm just not sure where they were taking her dressed like this??

I’m not sure where this picture was taken, but it was definitely at the height of Diana’s fashion career! Check out the paisley on those pants!!! Now there’s a challenge for you! Make a card inspired by Diana’s funky pants!!

I'm not sure if that "belt" came with that outfit or if it was one of Poppa's ties!

I’m not sure where we were going when this picture was taken. But aren’t we cute!

Just like now…I’m a little more conservative then Diana – check out the length of that blue dress!!!!

Oh my gosh memories here…..Christmas with Granny and Poppa. That snow man sitting on the hi-fi, that you can see just behind Diana’s head, is at my house. That is my ornament and it still gets set out every Christmas. You turn Santa around and it winds up and then he and the little boy sitting on his shoulder twirl around while the music to Jingle Bells plays.

If you look close on the Christmas tree there are some light teal coloured balls, they go on my tree at Christmas, as well as the Humpty Dumpty ornaments, and the Santa's, and oh my gosh I have those fruit baskets and those angels with the harps too!

I’m not sure where we were going this day either, but I do remember I just loved that little outfit, and my sister! Look how happy I am just standing there beside my big sis!

This picture brought back many a good memory and a few tears too. Here we are in front of Poppa and Granny’s trailer. We used to jump in the car every summer, hook up the trailer and head west. We would drive and stop and camp all the way out to Alberta. We would go to Cold Lake to visit our Aunt and Uncle. Oh my gosh I have so many memories of all the things we did when we were camping and the places we visited. But the best part of all was the quality time we spent with each other and all the great memories we have with our Granny and Poppa.

They were such selfless people. They never went anywhere we could not go. My love for them both is immeasureable.

I like this picture! It totally shows how “fun” Diana is! Check out the pose!! I also like it because it reminds me of the house at Andy and Marion’s that Granny and Poppa used to live in. We used to have so much fun there. Snowmobiling in the winter, getting stuck in the mud in the garden in the spring, making bed sheet tents with chairs in the summer, and baling hay in the fall. Well we didn't actually bale the hay...we ran along beside the stooks of hay and scooped up all the baby mice that would nest in the stooks!

Here is Diana early on in her American Idol career!! Now she is just a critic! I beleve she even has stirrup pants on!! Could it be so?

Check out the dresses and hair on us!!! This picture was taken before we went to our Uncle Bill and Aunt Olive’s 50th wedding anniversary. At least I think that is what we were celebrating. I know it was for Aunt Olive and Uncle Bill anyway!! We both had dolls that had dresses with that same material! Hhhmmm….looks like that corner was “the” place to take pictures!! Half the pictures I posted here are taken in that corner!

here we are about a year and a bit ago. Diana came home when our Granny was quite ill. We went over to a dear friend of mine (hi Jenn!!) and did some stamping. We were exhausted from all the emotional stress dealing with Granny – and well…if you’ve ever been around either of us – tired + stress = goofy!! My good friend Donna said we were the best "sister-sister travelling road show" she had ever seen!

These pictures bring up so many great memories, but they also make me realize how fast life just flies by and how much I miss her and wish she lived closer.
I love you Diana
Happy Birthday.

Chow for now


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

OMG! can I comment...I am crying and can't see the screen, plus now that the comment screen is here the pictures are gone...can I open another window or will that mess it up?
I'm gonna try goes worked, I wonder if there is a word limit like on the phone message machine:
Picture 1:
This is so cute, oh wait till your birthday I have one and it is on the old green couch and I think I have on lipstick, we are a bit older, but I am still holding on tight...couldn't let you fall on your head or are my memory keeper.
Picture 2:
I think I was headed to the catilion.
Picture 3:
Where the heck did this come from? How do you have all these pictures of me and I don't? I look like a priest with that white collar thing. I laughed so hard about Poppa's tie comment. Where's the flood?
Picture 4:
Oh yeah the famous corner, and again I peed about the comment of my short dress, it is just cause I had such long legs...and the black buckled shoes...I still buy a new pair every year...they are my favorite with jeans...ahh!
Picture 5: So you got all the Christmas decorations eh? Love the moccassins...hands together girls, and smile!!!
Picture 6:
Black shoes with buckles: check
Barretts: check
Almost matching dresses: check
Corner by the door: check!!!
Picture 7:
Whew this one got me, I do remember all those trailer trips, and so many good times and us with our boy crushes...worm hunting at night. Kids should be so lucky to have a Poppa and a Granny like we did. We are lucky!
Picture 8:
OK, where the heck was this one? When I come home next time, better be soon, before you post any more...I wanna go through ALL the pics and get copies, cause this one is hilarious, and look at my flat belly...I could cry! What the heck I was doing though who knows, and you and the pulled up socks, you never stopped doing this. Remember the nice tanned legs you had? - from the knee up?
Picture 9:
Nobody puts Baby in the corner...unless she is playing the piano...we can't hear her from there..ha!
Picture 10: Was this when we had to be the door openers at the party? Why is my barette over my ear? Who put your hair up? This is so funny. Oh I loved this house!
Picture 11: The ladies in red, with the pee trickling down their legs...gotta love us...they really broke the mold didn't they?

I love you, and so miss you! We have to plan a trip!

April 10, 2009 at 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacqui!!!! Theses are AWESOME!!! I've seen many pictures of you two as children but I absolutly LOVE these and all the comments are hysterical!!!!!!
Thanks for a glimps down your Memory Lane!!

April 11, 2009 at 9:02 AM  
Anonymous Kathie McGuire said...

Jacqui~this was so much fun seeing you two in all of your glory. I hopped from Di's blog over here and enjoyed every minute. Her comments were the icing on the cake to your fabulous pictures. How wonderful the relationship you share. I'm so envious!!
Love you both!!
Kathie McGuire

April 16, 2009 at 2:23 AM  

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