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Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeping surprises is a hard hard job (edited on Tuesday April 28th!!!)

I thought I better edit this post since the original post is not 100% accurate. That's the risk you take when you schedule your posts!!
It was a great one ever did find out until they were supposed to....but the stress...oh the stress!!! ha ha

So....providing this thing worked is now Friday.....and the secret has been revealed. The big secret..........I went to Detroit... much to the dismay of Kristi Ferro, who just drove to my house......FROM DETROIT.......picked Diana (my sister) up at the airport....first surprise for Kristi.......I had to steal Kristi's phone so she did not call, text, email, or communicate in any way with any of the other stamping girls.......ESPECIALLY VICKI......I brought her to my house......we had a short other stamping girls arrive ready for the road trip.....out jumps Diana.......surprises everyone else......after the screaming subsides........we pile in the cars to begin our road trip......we drop Diana at the end of the road ......and we proceed to Vicki's.........we unload all our goods...........a while later the door bell rings........oh...who could that be........holy's Diana!!!!!!
When I get home....I'll post some pictures of the surprise....but man oh man.....keeping this thing a secret since the beginning of the year has been painful!!!!!!

Here is the real story!!
Kristi Ferro (Hanna Stamps) was coming to spend the night at my house so she did not have such a long drive to Kingston the next morning. I did not know exactly what time she was planning on coming to the house. She emailed me on Tuesday night indicating that she was planning on leaving her home at about 2:00 pm, which would put her at my house sometime around 4:30 pm or so. Well I needed to leave my house at 8:30 pm to make the trip to Detroit to pick up Diana. I emailed Kristi back and told her that was fine, but I needed to let her know that I needed to leave my house at 8:30 pm and go to "the farm - aka Detroit" to help my I thought maybe she would say okay I will take my time and come a little later.....Well I get the email response from Kristi.....AND SHE WANTS TO COME TO THE FARM.....SHE WANTS TO MILK SOMETHING...well...two problems parents farm has nothing you can milk......and how the heck am I still gonna make it to Detroit on time if I have to take Kristi to the farm first?? So back goes a response to Kristi - saying okay...make sure you are here by 7:30 pm so we will have time to look around the farm before I have to "help my Mum" (aka drive to Detroit). So the day progressed along and then at about 5:30 the phone rang and it was Kristi saying she was not going to be able to make it to my place before I had to leave for my Mum's. Whew!!! This whole thing might work out after all....but I guess I was a little quiet on the phone ( she called right after I got up from my nap and I didn't want to spill the beans, so I wasn't offering too much information!)...but my quietness was mis-interpreted as anger....ah....poor Kristi thought I was angry with her....little did she know that my head was bursting with all the little white lies I had told since keep this whole thing a secret!!!! Then 5 minutes later Vicki called to see what the heck was going on. She was wondering why my Mum would want me to come to the farm the night before I had to drive to Kingston. I said, well it's a busy time of year on the farm with lambs, and planting and all the other work that goes into running a farm. It's hard to tell little white lies to Vicki. She is my BFF and I tell her everything, so not letting her in on the secret was hard. Anyhow.... I left for the airport at 8:30 pm and Kristi arrived at my house around 11:00 pm. She was chatting with my husband...waiting for me to get home...and Joe finally told her that I was gonna be really she best be going to bed.
Diana and I arrived back in Woodstock at 6:00 AM. Joe woke Kristi up at 6:00 AM and told her it was a good thing that she didn't go with me to the farm, cause I just got home. I felt bad, cause she was worried about me all night, but I was okay. So she came downstairs and came out into the kitchen!!!!! Surprise Kristi!!!
Getting that nap, I indicated in my original post...didn't happen! (Well it happened a tiny bit for Diana - she fell asleep on the couch for a bit).
That was when Tami came to my place!!!!! So I took her hand....tiptoed over to the couch and pointed at Diana sleeping on the couch!! Tami was speechless!! Even my kids didn't know that Aunt Diana was coming over! When Jade walked out into the kitchen she screamed! Joel was excited too...not screaming like a girl...but there were big hugs all around!
Then we were waiting for Kim and Donna to get to my place! When they finally got there, Diana was standing over where she could not be seen. I told them that I had found something and I wasn't sure if I should bring it along to Victopia with me or not.....then I brought out Diana!!!! More screaming!!! And yeah....they thought I should bring her along!!
So we did our road trip...stopping at the Scrapping Bug, Simply Scrappin' and Stamping Bella along the way. Vicki called us once along the way and poor Kristi could not get off the phone fast enough...she was afraid she was gonna say something to spill the beans to Vicki! Vicki also let us know that she would not be home till about 8:30 as she was taking John to football practice. This was great, it gave us a chance to get all our stuff in the house and get Diana hid somewhere!!
Vicki's mom helped us out...she called Vicki and told her that we were there so she headed home! So we all got hugs from Vicki and chatted it up a bit and then Diana came walking out from by Vicki's bar. There was waaaaay more screaming then!!! It was a good surprise.
We had so much fun and so many laughs. I cannot remember when the last time was that I laughed that hard. My friends are the best ever. I'll post more about Victopia later, I just wanted to correct my post so you received accurate information!
We are heading to Markham today to have dinner with our little sister Courtney!

Chow for now


Blogger Karen said...

You sneaky dogs, you!!!
Enjoy your weekend with your peeps!! I envy you ...

April 25, 2009 at 10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacqui!!!!!!! Your story is GREAT!! I maybe one of the only others who knew about the big secret! Fun to see how it all went down!! I can only imagine how much FUN you two are having all week!! And all those surprises makes me have to PEE just thinking about it!!
Fun Fun!!

April 29, 2009 at 7:44 PM  

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