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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Diana!!!

Today is my big sister Diana's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is cause..she didn't say how old she was on her blog, so I can't give out the secret!!! I am jealous this year cause Mom is there celebrating her birthday with her. I am not jealous that Mom is there with her...just jealous that I am not there with them! I am saving my pennies and hopefully some day soon I will be able to make the trip to see her. I have not even seen her new house and they have been in it for a while. I like the drive out there - it only takes 4 days - but then that means you have to have 8 days of your vacation just for I figure if I do go sometime, it will be by plane.
I really wish that we lived closer together. I would like her to move back to Canada, but then she has a really good business in Arizona and has made lots of friends and they are all doing so great, I would hate to see her pack up and lose all that. But I still wish she lived closer!!! Kind of a double edged sword I guess! I thought I would share a few pictures of Diana - I am in a few too!
I don't know exactly when this shot was taken, but it was taken when we lived with Granny and Poppa in the big ole house outside of Lucan. That was our "corner" for taking pictures - you will see that in a few more pictures as well!
This one was taken at Christmas - not sure what year - it might be on the back of the original photo, but I'm not sure - check out those scrawny legs!!!
Here's another corner shot with Mom too!
This one reminds me of that woman from those crazy movies - "the spy who shagged me"
How cute is Diana in this one!!!
I think she is coming back from getting the mail...or heading out to get the mail in this one.
Check out the hair and dresses on this one!!! This was what we wore to our Aunt Olive and Uncle Bill's 50th wedding anniversary open house. I wonder how long it took to get our hair to look this AWESOME!!!
This picture is from my wedding in 1992.
And this is how beautiful she is today!
Love ya sis, have a great day!
Chow for now,


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