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Friday, February 24, 2012

Babys, babys, babys....

I guess it's either baby lambs or baby people season! One of my friends at work is gonna be a grandma in April and another friend is gonna be a grandma in September!!!! A different friend asked me to make a baby card for the first friend!!!! So I came up with this. The picture really does not do it justice - it's very sparkly in real life, and I just took the shot quick cause I needed to get to bed. The girl she is giving it to is having a boy and they have used greens and very neutral tones in the nursery.
We are off to Chatham tomorrow for another Spiking Sharks Club Volleyball tournament! I hope the boys do well. As always, the coach is expecting us to win - which we should do, but we have maybe one guy out unless he gets cleared to play after his concussion and my Joel was coughing up a storm this I hope it's just a cough and not too much more.
Chow for now.


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