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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Saturday morning I got up and looked out my front window and there was a raccoon lumbering up the lawn. This is odd, as raccoons are nocturnal animals and typically if you see them out during the day it indicates that they are sick or possibly rabid. So I was not about to go out and pet him or anything, but I did want to take a couple of pictures of him. So I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of him coming up the lawn.....but he didn't stop when he saw me...he kept on coming! Next thing I know he is climbing up on the step that I am standing that was my cue to go back in the house! I took a few pictures of him from inside the house walking around the step. Then he decided to climb on my big round pot I have sitting on my step ( which I have big plans for next spring). He climbed up on it and started looking in the window and scratching like he wanted in....(not gonna happen Rocky). My cat Shadow was NOT IMPRESSED. She was hissing like a jungle cat by this point. Then Rocky would go to climb down and end up in my pot and I was worried that he was gonna break it so Joel went out and flipped it over so he would not break it. Well then that just gave him something sturdy to stand on to look in the window. I didn't really want him near the house, so Joel went out and put an apple on a shovel to try and lure him away from the house. This worked to some extent......except that wherever Joel went with the shovel - the raccoon would follow him. Finally we just left him alone hoping he would go back to where he came from. They are a very cute looking animal, but they can be so dangerous as well and like I said when they are out during the day, that is not a good thing.
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