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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Put up or Shut up!!!! and the Wednesday Weigh In

Well, I will start off by saying this week was better for weight loss! I went down 4 pounds. So I am pleased with that! So that brings me up to a total of 14 pounds all together so far. woohoo!!!

In a previous post I told you that my daughter Jade is playing field hockey! I am proud of her for going out and giving it a shot cause it's a sport she has never played before, and it is very different from ice/street/floor hockey so there is a big learning curve. I went to watch their first game and although they had never played before, they did not too bad. Some of the girls have their own individual skills, but as a team they were quite scattered and did not look like they knew what they were doing. I made a few comments to one of the other mom's that was there as well as to Jade and they both informed me that the coaches basically volunteered to coach so that they would have a team, but neither of them have ever played the sport before. Well, it's great that they volunteered their time so there would be a team, but unfortunate that the girls won't learn too many skills and fundamentals. So yesterday at practice, Jade asked the coaches what they would think if I came out to help out a bit. They said sure!!!! So....tonight is my first kick at the can at coaching a field hockey team......and I'm thinking they aren't gonna like me much after running their little butts off!!!
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