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Monday, March 10, 2014

The journey.....

Well it looks like the first part of Joel's Mexico journey has been an interesting one. I am getting some messages and pictures from Marina and from the SWO Project Serve facebook group. Apparently they all made it to Chicago with no problem, but the plane from Chicago to Houston had some issues, so there were delays. They finally all made it to Houston, but only half of them were able to get onto a plane to Leon and the rest were put up in a hotel for the night to wait to catch a plane to Leon the next day.
Marina let Joel shoot me a quick message to let me know that he had made it there safe and sound. His luggage...had not it's a good thing he had packed a couple extra pair of underwear and socks in his carry on bag!
His message was short and sweet - saying he got there okay and they were staying at Mika's which was A-OK cause there were hot showers there!
Marina shared this picture with us last night, looks like they have begun doing their work with the church.
When I got up this morning, this picture was waiting for me.
I can't wait to hear the story behind this one!!!
Chow for now



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