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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What day is it?????? Pedicure day!!!!!

 Ha - you thought I was going to say Hump day didn't you!!!! Speaking of which - when we went to see Gravity the other day - this little ditty came on before the movie.
 I was laughing so hard and thinking of my best kids at home that I am missing like crazy. I am having a blast here, but miss my kids! At least with technology these days I can keep in touch with them quite easy.

Diana took some watermelon out to the girls to give them a treat. They seemed to like it pretty good!  Here is Stella having some. Fiji seemed to like hers pretty good too!

So is Pedicure day!!!!! Not only am I excited about having a pedicure - my poor old feet have been having some issues lately and I am looking forward to getting them some pampering! But more importantly, I get to meet Diana's "girls"!!!! Rhonda and MaMMa!!!! I hear her talk about them all the time, and when Mum was here in November last year she got to meet them both and fell in love with both of them. And I loved Rhonda even more from afar because of the good care she took of Diana when she was at convention and then got a kidney stone and had to have surgery. I was very thankful that Rhonda stayed with her and took care of her. That is probably the worst thing about living so far away - when things like that happen you just can't jump in the car and come to see her in the hospital or help out at home or whatever. So I am very thankful for Rhonda and happy happy happy that I got to meet her. She gave me a huge hug - two actually when she came in the spa. Diana, MaMMa and I were already there so she had to reach over the big ass chair to get to me!!! MaMMa was there when we got there cause she was indulging in getting her nails done as well! They looked great! She got like a French manicure but where the white part usually is she had sparkling silver and then of course there was some bling. She is so much fun too! And I swear she has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a person! They looked awesome - she told me her secret - but I'm not sharing!!!!!  What happens at Trina's stays at Trina's!!!!! We had so much fun and oh my lord - that pedicure was AMAZING!!!!! My little feet felt so good - not only did they massage my feet and legs, but also my arms and my neck and shoulders when we were all done. I was in heaven - and I was in great company to boot! I decided on Purple Passion polish and I asked my little girl if she could do a design or something on my big toe - so she did a swirly design in silver and put on a couple of gems too!!!! Fun fun fun! Rhonda opted for brown, which looks great and she got a flower on her big toes. Diana stuck to her old standby the "frenchie" and MaMMa got the same on her toes as she got done on her nails. There was even a fella in there getting a pedicure when we were in there! He was a chatty Cathy too! He drives fuel truck and getting pedicures keeps him from getting in grown toe nails - he is a little sad his wife won't let him pick out some colours for his toes - he would like to get a football helmet painted on one of his big toes - we tried to convince him to get one and see how long it took his wife to see it!!!!!! Look at us trying to corrupt the poor spa customers!!!! After our pedicure we went to Kneaders for lunch - it's a deli type place that make their own bread - which was so stinkin' fresh it was ridiculous!!!!! They have all kinds of cute little decor around that you can purchase if you want as well. I got myself a necklace! It's quite cute. I ordered a club sandwich and a Boston creme cupcake!!!!!! The sandwich was delicious and it had turkey on it - so even though I was in Arizona, I had some turkey for Thanksgiving! The cupcake was yummy too! After we sat and chatted for a bit we said our goodbyes for now and Diana and I headed home. We stopped in at Home Depot on our way so Diana could get some flooring for the chicken house. Apparently if you put linoleum down it is easier to clean cause you can power wash it out. So we found some stuff on clearance, so hopefully it will work and Jeff will be able to make it work well. These chickens are living in style!!!!!
We headed back home and unloaded the Nitro and then started to do some work. Diana has a class coming up and needs to get paper cut. So I am helping her as much as I can. We listened to some Twilight soundtrack music while we were working!!!!! 
So all in all......another FANTASTIC day in Arizona!
Chow for now


Blogger Vicki Garrett said...

Great Pictures! I lost in the foot guessing......hehe! Love hearing about your daily adventures



October 15, 2013 at 5:28 PM  

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