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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Arizona - Travel Day

As you may or may not know, Jade bought me tickets for Mother's Day to go to Arizona to visit my sister Diana. October 11th was travel day. Joel and I headed out early to head down to Windsor to visit with Jade before I had to head to the airport. We had lunch at Johnny Mac's. It was delicious. I had a mushroom Swiss burger and Joel had a burger that was called "Are you nuts?". It was a hamburger with peanut butter melted on it with bacon!! They said it was a protein lovers dream! Joel said it was delicious - I'm not sure if he is going to start melting peanut butter to put on his burgers at home now! Here is a shot of the kids at the restaurant - this one with Joel being goofy - and this one which I love.
After lunch we headed to the residence to visit with Jade a bit before she had to work. So around 3 o'clock I headed to the border. There were quite a few cars at the border but I got up to the check point fairly quick. I was surprised by the questions that he asked me. Like where I work, things like that; and he asked to see my flight itinerary. Never had that happen before. Oh well, there were no problems so over the border I went. I headed the Days Inn in Romulous to the Park N Fly. My good friend Rob told me about this place where you can park your car and you get a hotel room as well. I didn't need a hotel the night before my flight because it didn't leave until 7 at night, but I am going to use the hotel room the night I get back. I figure I will want to get a good nights sleep before driving home from Detroit. I got my room booked and my car taken care of and then I waited at the front door for the shuttle to take me to the airport. The fella came along and picked me up. When we started driving towards the airport and the head office came on the radio asking him if he could come to the Valet parking building. He told them that he had to check with me first cause he had me in the shuttle first so he had to make sure I wasn't going to be late. I told him I had lots of time. So he headed down to the Valet Parking place - he pulls up and was like "what are these people doing?" There were a whole bunch of people parked randomly in the building where the shuttles were supposed to be able to drive through. So he had to jump out and get all the people to move their vehicles where they were supposed to be. Then he had to get the people on the shuttle. Oh my......there were these two ladies who were sisters and it looked like they were totally ticked with one another - the one had a whole mess of dresses in plastic that she was carrying and then she started hollering at the other one wondering where her bag was. So then she had to go back to her car to find said bag.....we pull out of the building to get her, and there she is drinking at her car - I'm pretty sure it was just water, but the shuttle driver was like - are you out here getting drunk making me pick you up? Finally she got in the shuttle then off to the airport we went. He pulled up to the drop off point and then off to the check in desk I went - I was still early so had to sit and wait for the Frontier desk to open. Unfortunately, crazy dress lady was also flying Frontier. I got my bag checked and then headed to my gate. They called my flight and got us all seated. I put my laptop bag under the seat in front of me - but there was not very much leg room though so I wasn't able to get my laptop out to watch anything during the flight. So I just read my Kobo and had a little nap. I had a window seat and the fella I was sitting beside was quite nice and smelled really good!!! We got into Denver and had to get off the plane - it was kind of silly actually because we were taking the same plane to Arizona, but they were making a crew change so everyone had to get off the plane - let them change and then we went back on. This time I was in the middle seat. I sat beside a very nice woman named Mary. She and I chatted the whole flight. She asked me where I was from and I told her Parkhill. She knew where that was !!!!! Believe it or not, her father-in-law was from Ailsa Craig!!! We had a really nice visit and we exchanged email addresses. She was coming to Arizona for her nieces wedding. I got off the plane and made my way out to the baggage claim area and there was Diana, Jeff and Eric waiting for me. It was great to see them. We went down to the baggage claim area and luckily mine was off very quickly. I scooped it up and then off we went. Eric carried my luggage for me. He's such a nice boy. We made our way back to the Gibbs' homestead!! When I got in the door there was a nice sign for me on the new chalk board that Jeff made for Diana!!!!! We sat up and visited for a bit and then headed to bed - I had a long day!
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Anonymous Jade said...

Awe! I am so happy that you are enjoying your time so far!

October 13, 2013 at 10:09 PM  

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