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Friday, November 23, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.......finally.

I couldn't wait any longer. I had to go and see Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. I have been hearing people talk about it and how there were "things" that happened and I didn't want anyone to spoil it for me, so I picked a night where Joel did not have volleyball or anything else and we went. It was sooooooooooooo good.  The little girl that played Renesme, or Nessie, was absolutely adorable. I think that she as a baby was a little bit too fake though. The CGI could have been better.  
I liked this scene in the movie with Bella and Emmett. They had a good friendship right from the first movie.

And not to worry the wolves are in this one too. When I win the lottery I am going to build a place just like this one. How adorable is it!  I can't get over how many different movie posters they make for one movie. This one especially - she never looked like that in the movie at all. Here are 3 different ones as well as the one from up farther.
Now this guy - I can't find his name anywhere....but he got the "hot" vote for this movie. It was Cam in the first movie, but this new guy......wowsers! I need a cold shower!!  I am very sad that the saga is over though. There will be no more and that is just sad. Maybe Stephenie Meyer will get inspired to continue it sometime, probably not...but we can always hope. I liked this scene in the movie as well, how things kind of came full circle for them. We'll miss you Edward and Bella...but don't you worry, you will be watched each and every time you are on television...and oh yeah....I have all the DVD's too!!!!
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