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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If ya can't laugh at yourself........

Who can ya laugh at???
Have I got a story for you....
So Monday, I got up and got my clothes ready for work. I decided on my black pants and my new (well new to me) sweater. It's a soft chenille material and kind of long, which I like cause it covers my belly!! In the morning I went into one of the cubicles to chat to one of the fellas I work with and I leaned on his desk. It felt kind of chilly so I though maybe I sat in water I looked but no water. Okay, no problem so I carried on with my day. We had a departmental meeting so I had to go across to the main hospital up to the big auditorium. Then I didn't have time to make my lunch the night before so I zipped out and grabbed a sub from Quizno's....after standing in line at the post office for about 20 minutes and the line did not move at all, so I decided I would go to a different post office after work. So after work I had to zip over to Strathroy to drop off some forms at the physio clinic for Jade. It's right beside a Shopper's Drug Mart, so I zipped in there to send my letter. Then I headed home. I let Charlie out for a pee real quick cause I had a hair appointment at 3:30. I changed from my fuzzy sweater to a T-shirt cause I didn't want all the little hairs to get in my sweater and off to the hair dresser I go. I get to the hair dressers and she was fixing up another customer so I sat down on her wooden chair and waited. When I sat, I thought wow that chair is chilly - but it was quite chilly Monday, so what the heck. I get my hair cut then out the door I go. You know how sometimes when you get out of your car the seat belt doesn't slide back in the little seat belt thingy, well that is what mine did, so when I sat on the seat, I sat on the shiny silver part and man that was chilly. So I reach down to get the seat belt when much to my surprise, I find that THE ASS OF MY PANTS WAS RIPPED FROM THE TOP OF MY POCKET TO THE BOTTOM - so things were chilly cause MY BARE ASS was hanging out and touching them - OMG!! How many people saw my bare ass during the day??????

Okay this is not me...but that is basically how much was ripped - except on the other side and I didn't have fancy gitch underneath like this girl!
So yesterday when I came to work I asked the 3 guys I work with...."okay..I need to know...did any of you notice that my bare ass was hanging out of my pants all day yesterday?". They all said no....which I hope they were telling the truth....and I am thankful I wore a long sweater that day. My poor hair dresser, I hope she didn't look too close as I was walking out the door.
Good thing I put on clean underwear in the morning!!!
Hope that gave you a good chuckle for today.....
Chow for now,



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