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Monday, October 29, 2012

War Horse

This weekend Jade came home from college for the weekend and we made plans to go see War Horse with my Mum on Saturday.

We were up bright and early and in Ilderton ready for the bus trip. Traveling with Ilderton Tours is always fun.  We got to Toronto around 11:30 or so and then we went to Dunn's for lunch. We were walking down the street towards Dunn's and Mum waved at someone through a window. I just a assumed she was waving at someone from our bus....but then I looked and it was Jay and Courtney!!!! They met us for lunch! That was a nice surprise. Joel and I are going to see them in a couple of weeks, but the more chances we get to see them the better. I wish we all lived closer together. We had a great lunch and some good laughs!!! Then off to the theater we went. Our seats were AMAZING. We could see everything very clearly. When we were being shown to our seats the usher said, "whoever is sitting in the aisle seat, be careful to keep your arms and legs in because the performs come up and down the aisles and sometimes quite quickly." So we were curious to see who was going to be coming and going. Then the play started......and a was FANTASTIC. The puppetry to make the tiny foal and then how they made him grow up was just incredible. I shed quite a few tears during the performance. It was so well done. The people who were inside "Joey" and inside "Tophorn" did a wonderful job. They had every little horse head twitch to tail flick down to a tee. You forgot it was not a real live animal on stage. The actor who played Albert did a fabulous job of showing such love for the horse, and when they were finally reunited at the end of the play, it was gut wrenching. I have seen the movie, and now I have seen the play. Now I am going to read the novel, as I am curious to see if the movie was like the book, or if the play was like the book. I don't like it when they change the story too much from the book - but I understand how it could be hard to do certain things on stage. Having said that though, it was awesome the way they made it look like Albert and Joey were riding fast through the field, how he plowed the field, how they jumped into the thick of the war, how he got caught in the barbed wire.They even had the goose! It was just a fantastic performance all around. If you have the chance to go and see it......GO. You won't regret it.
Thanks Mum!!
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