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Thursday, September 27, 2012

You gotta take the good with the bad.....

Last weekend we were in London watching Joel play volleyball for his high school team. They played well some of the time...but not all of the we didn't move on into the play offs and were done at a reasonable time. We decided to try Mary Brown's chicken for lunch. It was VERY VERY tasty. Numerous times when we have gone out for lunch or out for a bite after a volleyball game, Joel and his buddy Matt, or just Joel has made comments like "sometime I want to go in and order like a double triple baconator or something like that and see how big the burger is and the look on the cashiers face". Well on Saturday we were sitting in Mary Brown's and these 2 fellas come in with coolers and they go up to the counter and ask for 120 pieces of chicken. It was actually quite funny cause of the comments that Joel has made in the past. Anyhow....if you know me or my know that we certainly couldn't hear someone ask for 120 pieces of chicken and not find out what it was for. Anyhow, they were having some big event and they had called ahead and let the guy know...but clearly he hadn't told his front desk cashier cause her little Asian eyes almost popped out of her head when he said 120 pieces of chicken! Really the boss should have told her. 
We ate up our food and were heading out of the parking lot. As I was driving out of the parking lot I came to the little down slope that goes from the parking lot to the road. I was on this little down slope because the car that was coming had their blinker on to turn into the plaza. I inched forward a little bit - still not on the road, but closer than I was before, but there was a car right on the ass of the car that was turning and I could not see if they had their blinker on or not. This is not the car...but that is how bloody close he was to the car in front of him. Once I saw that they were not turning, I did not move any farther ahead and waited for them to pass by before turning out onto the road. But did they pass by? No....the proceeded to honk at me. I had my windows down and I just said "move along" and so they stopped in front of my car (which clearly wasn't on the road or they wouldn't have been able to stop in front of my car....) and they yelled at me "get your (insert F-bomb here) car off the road you stupid old cow". Well... Joe rolled down his window and said there's no need to be talking like that just carry on. Then Joel was in the back seat saying "can I get out and punch him"...let's just say the testosterone was flying around in my little car. It's nice that my boys want to stick up for me and protect me...but I really didn't want an altercation. Joe said if they turn into the next parking lot follow them......well...I was NOT going to do that. I really didn't need a scene. we carried on Joel said "you should have followed him Mum, he flicked a lit cigarette into the back seat of my car at my son, which landed on his arm and then landed on my coat, burning his arm a bit and my coat before Joel got it and threw it out the window. I didn't realize this at the time, or I might have pulled in behind them in the next parking lot.....and then the Mother Bear would have come roaring out. You can call me a stupid old cow....but flick a lit cigarette at my kid.....NOT COOL. But we took the high road and carried on our way. Then we were at the stop light and we got an advanced green. I started going forward to turn and the guy behind me is honking like a jack ass....apparently I wasn't screaming around the corner fast enough for he is on his cell phone. Why are people so darn angry? I don't get it. People just need to chill out. we were driving home, I stopped by Scrappin' Great Deals in Kilworth to pick up my prize!!!! They called me last week to tell me that I had won a prize!!! How cool was that? I won an awesome scrapbooking kit! Look at all the sweet paper and embellishments. 

So stopping there balanced out the "bad" with some "good".
Chow for now


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