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Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I know this is a few days early, but I am leaving work early today to drive to Windsor to pick up Jade and bring her home for 3 days!!! Yay!!! She has not been home since August 28th when we took her to Windsor to get settled in Residence at St. Clair College. We have been up to see her a couple of times and we chat almost every day, and I sent her a little letter and a package, but it will be nice to have her at home for a few days to relax. Although, having said that, I'm not sure how much relaxing she will get done! We have found a new place to rent, so we need to start packing up our things and deciding what we no longer need and get purging it. I think she plans to pack up her room this weekend. That works good for me cause JACTOPIA is next weekend and I will need her room for someone to sleep in!!!! I look forward to Jactopia every fall. It's kind of our wrap up of the year, getting ready for new things after winter. I love that my friends take an extra day off work just to come and hang out with me at my place and stamp and scrapbook and eat and drink and most of all LAUGH. Laughter really is the best medicine and when you have good friends to laugh with it makes it even better.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends this weekend. We certainly do have so much to be thankful for. I think of all the people who I know who have lost loved ones this year and years past who do not have the opportunity any longer to get together with family and celebrate. I am happy to say my little sister Courtney and her hubby will be coming home for Thanksgiving. I am excited about that as I haven't seen them since our cousin Nancy's wedding in August. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out together more, but we do our best. Email helps to keep us in touch when our lives get crazy busy and this little ole blog helps her keep up with what's going on in my life.
Hug someone you love today and every day and let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life.
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