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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary Courtney and Jason!!!!

How is it possible it has been a year already since Courtney and Jason got married? The time flies by so quickly any more. I remember being a kid and thinking that summer seemed to last forever, and now, a blink of an eye and it's gone. This day last year was so fun. Diana was home and she and I had drove down to Stouffville to spend the day with Courtney (Just the sisters!!), before we had to get the rehearsal going and then the next day the wedding. Courtney and Jason planned the most beautiful wedding. I loved how it totally was part of both of them. Courtney was beautiful (like always!!) and Jason was very handsome!! The day was warm and wonderful and it was such an honor to spend the day with them.
I hope you have many many many years of happiness in your marriage. This is just the start.
I love you both.
Happy Anniversary,
Chow for now,


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