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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rookie Blue

So for a while, my mom has been asking me if I watch Rookie Blue. I had heard of it before, but I had never watched it. I started watching Saving Hope which is a Canadian show, set in Canada with almost 100% Canadian Actors which is AWESOME. Rookie Blue is also a Canadian show, with the majority of the actors being Canadian as well. The show is set in Toronto, which is really quite cool, cause when they pan the city, you can see the CN Tower and other familiar sites.
So I started watching it. It is now in its 3rd season...and I think I watched like 2 seasons in a matter of 8 days. It is sooooooo good. I love the story lines and the characters are awesome as well.
The premise of the show is about 5 Rookie Cops who are just out of the academy and start to work. They all have their own individual little side stories and history and then the veteran cops who help train them, all have their own individual side stories and history too.
The chemistry between each and every character is very good. Each person has a different relationship with the other. I really enjoy the show.
Andy McNally - who is played by Canadian Missy Peregrym is one of the rookies.
I guess you could call her the lead actress, but all the characters pretty much have equal screen time. This is Jade's favourite. She liked her in the movie Stick It, as well which was about gymnastics.
Dov Epstein - who is played by Gregory Smith is also a rookie.
I like his boyish look and how he always tries to be so tough and macho.
Traci Nash - is played by Enuka Okuma and she too is a rookie.
She was also in Sue Thomas F.B.I, which was a Canadian crime show as well. I like Traci's character. A single mom, trying to juggle work, kids and a romance.
Chris Diaz - is played by Travis Milne, also a rookie.
He is a sweet young man, who looks macho, but is not all tough and cocky.
Gail Peck - is played by Charlotte Sullivan, also a rookie.
To be honest, I cannot stand this character. Mom said she would grow on me...but I'm into season three now and I still want to punch her in the face.
Oliver Shaw - played by Matt Gordon. He is a veteran cop.
I really like Oliver. He tries to be a hard ass when it comes to the rookies, but he is going through alot of personal issues with his wife and kids and he lets his soft side show every once in a while. The part of his character where he is always eating makes me laugh.
Noelle Williams - played by Melanie Nichols King, is a veteran.
Her character is a 38 year old single woman trying to have a baby. I like her character as well. She IS a hard ass. But some of the rookies have got under her skin and she's a softie down deep.
Jerry Barber - played by Noam Jenkins is a detective.
He is dating Traci Nash.
Luke Callaghan - played by Eric Johnson is a homicide detective.
He was dating Andy McNally and they were set to get married and then he slept with his old partner....not good for the impending marriage. He's a cutie though!
Sam Swarek - played by Ben Bass - he's a veteran cop, and of all this list, the only American!
He is though, my favourite character on the show. Very sexy and he's got great teeth and a great smile, and he just can't get enough of Andy McNally!

this guy is new. He just came back from a tour in Afghanistan. It's a really great show, and if you haven't watched it. You should.......Canadian television has come leaps and bounds.....
Chow for now,
P.S. - This picture is for Jade!!! haha


Blogger Jade Lines said...

hahaha I loved that picture Mom! That is why I love her so much! She is just soooo awesome! lol, I am going to watch some Rookie Blue right now! :)

August 31, 2012 at 12:26 AM  

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