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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mail Day...

Joel had volleyball practice after school today, so instead of driving all the way home and then having to drive back into Parkhill at 4:00 to pick up Joel, I just headed straight into town and went to visit Granny until I had to pick up Joel. She was in the dining room when I got there. They were having their September birthday celebration. Once a month, they have a big birthday party for all the people who celebrate their birthday that month. The birthday people get a piece of cake with a candle to blow out and everyone else gets a piece of cake as well. The activity girl was reading from some book, something about what happened in a certain year, and asking them trivia questions and stuff. As soon as I sat down, Granny leaned over and said, "I wish she'd shut up!" Gotta love her. There was another lady as well that was just as "unimpressed" as Granny was. She kept saying "what is that behind you?" (it was the tray with all the cake). Then she would say, "you should check to see if the cake is ready". It was funny. They clearly all wanted her shut up. One other lady said, "that was torture". Gotta love the ole girls for tellin' it like it is! Granny had her cake and then I wheeled her back to her room She got some mail, so I gave it to her and she opened them up. She got a letter from a woman who writes to her often and she also got a letter from Jade! She is having some problems with her eyes. One she said is "bad" and the other she thinks she just needs a new prescription. So Mom is gonna make an appointment and then I will wheel her down to the office.
Here she is opening her mail.
She cuts all the stamps off and keeps them for the church I think and any other little stickers that are on the letter that she likes.
She is doing really well, and I just love her to pieces!
Chow for now,


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