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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving day.....

Well yesterday was the day that we moved Jade into college! She will be attending St. Clair College in Windsor!! I am so very proud of her. She overcame a number of obstacles throughout her high school career...and for those people who say "high school are the best years of your life".....totally NOT true in Jade's case! However we are moving on to bigger and better things! We had planned to leave our place by 7 AM and get to the campus shortly after 9 AM, but then Jade got a Facebook message from the Residence crew and they preferred people come after 11 AM. So..we decided to leave a little later, which was okay, cause well...we did sleep in just a little bit!
The morning started off with me being a smart ass telling Jade I have to scrapbook the whole day, so I snapped a couple of pictures of her SCREAMING NOT TO TAKE NAKED PICTURES OF HER in the shower!!! But I promised not to post them on here or on Facebook! But I did get a couple - not naked...but she was in the bathroom - post shower! Then we sat down to have breakfast together and the phone rang. It was Joe!! He wondered if we minded if he came with us if his boss thought he could do without him for the day. So a little while later, he came driving in the lane way! That was nice, cause he did all the heavy lifting and lugging of all Jade's stuff into the college when we got there.
We had to jimmy things around a bit, cause we had taken all the seats out of the van before we packed it up, and then when Joe decided to come, we had to do some re-arranging! But it was all good, we got it packed and headed on down the road. We left the house about 9 AM I guess, it was by the time we got away. We got to the campus at 11:04 AM!!!! We went in with Jade to get all her paperwork, her room keys, her mail key, her laundry key, and any other information she needed to get. Then we went on up to the second floor of the residence! She is sharing a room with a girl from Ingersoll, who she has already met, so that is nice that she knows someone already. As we were standing at the counter downstairs another girl she met from Woodstock came up to say hi, so it was nice for her to see another familiar face. Jade and I stayed in the room and went through the check list to make sure everything was "up to snuff". There was a welcome package on her bed, which was a pillow case. Inside the pillow case was a piggy bank for her "pub fund" (I put in $2 before I left!!) There was a dry erase calendar to hang on the wall, a bandana for her floor colour, a dog tag, a coupon for Shopper's Drug Mart, a coupon for the pub, I think that's it. There were spoons on her table with her name and someone else's name. She has to find that other person to get a chance to win some prizes and her dog tag has the word "Ford" on the back and she has to find similar items to have a chance to win some prizes! Then Joe started bringing stuff up. He got a trolley from downstairs and started - I think it was 3 trolley-fulls!!!
The rooms are pretty decent for a college residence. When you walk in there is a kitchen area/common area,
then a nice sized bathroom and each girl has their own bedroom space, complete with double bed, desk, TV and telephone. Here is Joe putting the hooks on Jade's full length mirror that hangs on the back of her bedroom door! Each girls bedrooms lock as well as the main door into the room. Here she is organizing her kitchen space! That's her little cube thing she got - the dark spots are actually canvas boxes that pull out to store stuff. She ended up getting a few more things than what she needed, so we brought those home, but we made a trip to the dollar store to get a few "forgotten" items and I think she is gonna be fine. When we left she was organizing her desk and getting ready to relax a bit before heading down to the building meeting.
I gave Jade my little "Love Monkey" that Joe gave me for Valentines Day once and told her she could put it on her bed...and then before I left I told her that I expected her to take him everywhere with her and I wanted to see pictures of Love Monkey doing all the exciting things!!! Kind of like those Flat Stanley things! She sent me a picture to my BB just before I went to bed of Love Monkey sitting beside her supper!!
Here is her bed all made up with her new fancy bedding and her body pillow and 4 other pillows!!
We put her posters on the wall. This one Joel helped her pick out, and these 4 hopefully will help her with her studies! She got a bunch of her clothes hung up, but I have to take some more hangers when I go back to visit on Friday. All in all it was a good day. No tears were shed....although after we were driving home for a bit and I asked Joe if she was gonna be okay there...I started to tear up a bit, but he assured me she is gonna be fine. I'm sure she is, but it's a big step, and I'm gonna miss her like crazy. I got her some flowers for her vase!
Chow for now,


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