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Monday, August 27, 2012

On the Road again......

......well the weight loss road that is. Once again....I know, I know... I am on the weight loss road again. It is so hard to get into the right head space to lose weight. Once I am in that place, I am good to go...but getting to that point is painful. Anyhow, I am there now. I started last week, so this is technically the first day of week 2 for me and I am proud to say that I lost 10 pounds this week. That might sound awesome, which I guess it is...but I'm sure it is because I didn't hit Tim Horton's once last week....unlike previous weeks were a large hot chocolate and bagel were my morning ritual. Now, I eat my breakfast at home, around 4:30AM and then I snack at 8:00 AM, then lunch is at 11:00AM and then another snack just before 2:00PM when I head home from work and then supper is around 5'ish or so, and then I do not eat anything else after that. All I drink is water - I think that before when I would start to diet, I got a really bad headache day 2 and 3. I always thought it was sugar withdrawal, but I think it might be a combination of sugar withdrawal and aspartame withdrawal. There is so much of that crap in diet pop and "diet" conscious food it's awful. And it's totally NOT good for you, so I am trying to eat clean. Stay away from the processed stuff, eat "real" foods - raw veggies things like that. Trying to stick with the idea if God didn't make it....then don't eat it. The exercising piece of the weight loss is always a struggle for me. I want to walk, but the last time I did I ended up in Emerg with a foot swollen the size of a basketball. So I am leery - which is probably just a stupid excuse, and if I take it easy, I should be okay. A girl at work has offered to help me set some small goals for myself. I have never been good at setting goals. I need to work on that.

I had a great weekend though!!! Saturday was my beautiful mother's 65th birthday!
She invited Jade and I out for lunch at Aunt Gussies in Grand Bend and then we went back to Huron Country Playhouse to see the production of Annie. Lunch was delicious! I tried to make a good choice and I got a Philly Roast Beef wrap with a Greek Salad (instead of fries). Then we went to see the show. It was soooooo good. The smallest little orphan girl was adorable and off course she had all the cute and funny lines in the play. The girl who played Annie had an incredible voice and did a very good job. We were wishing that her hair or wig had of been a bit more fly away. The characters did a great job, but let's face one can play Ms. Hannigan like Carol Burnett! It was a fun day getting to spend it with my mom!

Sunday, was Joe's birthday! I got up early (well not too early!) and made him bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes with Fort Rose Maple Syrup! I had to make sure things were pretty soft, as Joe got all his teeth except for 2 removed last week. He is on the road to getting dentures! I can't wait! He has been having so many problems with his teeth and feeling crappy and I'm sure it's because of his teeth, so I am looking forward to some bright new shiny chompers and him feeling better! Then we headed back to the Grand Bend Flea Market, where Joel bought his dad a new belt with a FORD belt buckle. Jade got some summer sausage to take to college with her (not sure the roommate is gonna love the smell of that hanging in the kitchen!!!). We saw a few people we knew...lots of people we didn't, and generally had a good time. Then we went and got some groceries and got some food for Jade for college as well.

All in all, a good weekend!
Chow for now,


Blogger Vicki Garrett said...

You can do it! You know you CAN!!!! Start of slow with a 5 minute walk and add a minute each day or ride a bike, just get out and move girl

Love you!


August 27, 2012 at 3:18 PM  

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