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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Stress of the Couch Potato

With all the rain this weekend, I had the opportunity to catch up on all my shows that I usually watch, but didn't have the time to do so last week.
I have recently became hooked on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I think Mariska the gal that plays Olivia is just beautiful and is an awesome actress. The episode I taped this past week was the season ender.....what the heck??? Finn put in for a transfer??? What is L & O SVU gonna be like without ICE T??? And Casey Novack - possibly being disbarred - they better not do that.

Criminal Minds is another favourite - although the season finale is this week. I think I liked it better with Mandy Pantinkin, but it is still a good show and the characters have good story lines - and Shemar Moore.....need I say more!!!!

LOST - I love this show - but honest to God, my brain hurts when I am done watching it. I am like huh?
I totally do not understand anything - just when I think I have a grip - I've got rope burn on my hands from it being ripped from my hands..... I hope some day it will all make sense.
And I want to make enough money some day to be able to "move an island!!!!!"

CSI - my favourite of the CSI's. The original is most times the best. David Caruso makes me want to hack, so we don't watch that one - and I was peeved when they killed of Speedle a few seasons back. So CSI Miami is out..... I love Gary Sinese as an actor, but the first season was so dark...I mean the way they filmed it, not the subject, I just couldn't get into it - I know they have changed that because people were complaining, but a whole season had gone by so I couldn't get into it. So CSI New York is out too. But the original CSI with Grissom, Warrick, Nick, Greg, Sarah, Katherine, Brass and all the lab rats, that I can't remember their names.
So I get all settled down to watch the season finale of CSI. I'm all nestled in my big comfy couch and I begin to watch. I felt so sorry for Warrick cause he is just such a cutie pie and he gets a bad rap a lot of the time....even though...he tends to get himself in his own messes. Anyhow, I was so happy to see them all sitting around the table in the diner laughing and having a nice breakfast (well not so nice if you listen to Katherine's comments about the bacon) after clearing Warrick.
And the Warrick goes and gets in his car to drive home and that under sheriff knocks on his window.
I won't say what happens next just in case you haven't seen the finale yet - but WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?
Honestly, I cried.

ER - I have watched this show from day one and I love it. Right through the Doug Ross and Nurse Hathaway romance and marriage, through Carter's Africa experience and loss of his baby, through many Kleenex boxes when Dr. Greene died, through all the cameo appearances of other stars, which always makes it fun. Remember when the Dr's from Chicago Hope came on the show? What a hoot.
So the same thing.....I settle in to watch the season finale. I love Steve Buscemi what a great actor. His role in Armageddon made me laugh like crazy - when they are up on the meteor and he starts shooting and they end up strapping him to the seat!!! His creepy role in ConAir when he was a child molester - but then didn't hurt the little Mexican girl - he just had tea with her.
He has been in many other things, but those are the two characters that stand out the most right now. So what a great cameo for the season finale.
I was so happy for Luka and Abby when they decided to settle their differences and make their marriage work. They make a great couple and they both deserve some happiness.
Pratt - it's about time he found his own little tulip he loves and wants to marry!
Same and Gates - they make a cute couple!
Nela and that ignorant Australian doctor - they really need to ease up on her sex drive - enough said there..
But the ending - what the heck????? Who was in the ambulance?

I don't know if I can wait until the next season starts.
and those bloody writers - they better have that strike stuff out of their system for next season.

So that's my critique in a nutshell.

chow for now


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