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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Where did the 25 years go?

25 years ago the day started out similar to what today was like. Dreary, raining, depressing, certainly NOT what you want the day to look like on the day you get married. But they say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well today marks 25 years of marriage for Joe and I, so I guess that rain was good luck. So I say bring on the rain!
I went through a bunch of photos to scan to put up here for today. It was so fun to reminisce about that day. To be so very blessed that so many of our family and friends were present to witness our marriage, but it was sad to reminisce as well, as going through the pictures I am reminded of how many of our family and friends are no longer with us. It kind of makes it bittersweet to look through the pictures, but I choose to focus on the "sweet" part.
So here goes with my reminiscing!
25 years ago, this motley crew gathered together to be the best wedding party ever!!! They clean up pretty good!
 We spent the night before the wedding apart, like most couples do (in spite of living together before that - Lord knows you can't see each other the day of the wedding!) Here we are Nancy's getting a group shot when Poppa got there. He looked so handsome that day. As I'm looking at this picture I am wondering what is on Diana's's a Beverly Hills 90210 t-shirt!!!! haha
 Diana putting on Poppa's flower - and me clearly telling him something of major importance!
 We took a few shots outside of the house before we headed down to the park. It was still rainy/drizzling at this point.
 Prettiest Bridal Party! I was so blessed to have each of them with me.
 I think this big guy helped to keep Joe's nerves in check

And then Poppa helped keep mine in check while he was walking me down the aisle/spot in the park! He kept saying "slow down, slow down"! Man I miss him.

 And there we are - that was easy! All married.....oh there is just sooo much white!!!

 It was always so hard to get Granny to smile in pictures. This time is no different. You really had to catch her off guard if you wanted a smile.
One of my favorite shots from that day. 
 Joe's dad, Don, just hanging with the girls.
I certainly miss these two. It makes me sad that my kids didn't get the chance to get to know them very much. I am blessed that we had them as long as we did, but it certainly wasn't long enough.
All in all though - it was a great day. One of the best I've ever had. It was the start of a brand new adventure where we made two of the best people you will ever meet, Jade and Joel. Sure we've had our ups and downs, our good times and bad, but marriage is not easy. You work at it because you want to, because it MEANS something and because ya love the gray haired fella!

We decided to go to Grog's for dinner tonight. Seriously who wants to cook on their anniversary? When we walked in the door I heard someone say "excuse me to you belong here?" I looked and it was my beautiful cousin Sharon! I gave her a big hug and mentioned it was our anniversary! As we were wrapping up our meal the waitress came over and said "I understand it's a special day for you two today! She said someone in the restaurant ordered you some sweets". Well I knew who that someone was....that sneaky cousin Sharon! Here are the sweets!!!! 

Soooo good!
Chow for now, this anniversary girl needs her beauty rest!


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

I love all the pics and the memories, and yes the tears are flowing. I too love that picture of Poppa and I...Granny did not smile in pics, and my smile is too big...maybe I was smiling for Granny. As for the t-shirt and the coat, whose clothes was I wearing? Whose hair was I wearing? Ha! Love you and Happy Anniversary!!! ~Di

August 15, 2017 at 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Debbie B. said...

Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest people I know!
Cheers to the next 25 years!!!!

August 15, 2017 at 10:17 PM  

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