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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Saying Goodbye and Zoo Day - April 11

Today Mum, Courtney, Daphne and Lucy flew back home to Canada. Jade and I are driving so are staying another day before heading out. We thought we better get a "girls" photo before we all headed our separate ways. 
After Jade and I dropped Mum, Courtney and the girls off at the airport, we headed to the Phoenix zoo. That was the first thing we wanted to do when we decided we were coming to Arizona, was to go to the zoo. We were NOT disappointed.

When we were walking into the zoo, you walk across a little bridge - I looked over and there was our first taste of the zoo! This turtle!! He was pretty big actually, cause we were pretty high up on the bridge

And then you enter the main part of the zoo and this is the central enclosure with 5 giraffe's and a bunch of birds, gazelles, ostriches, and long horn cattle

Mountain goats up on top of the mountains!

They had this really cool carousel that lots of kids were riding. The sad part is all the animals in the carousel are endangered species...and there was quite a few of them.

Here's the tiger having a nap

And his ugly sucker - the Komodo dragon

There were lots of pelicans swimming in the very large pond

They had a couple of monkeys on their own little island that would swing around in the trees

This section had a number of different birds in it - you had to go in one door - and then wait till that door was closed before you could open the other door to go in to see the birds. These guys were a very rich colour with very red circles around their eyes

These ones had very long beaks and very rich colours on their backs. Jade knelt down to take their picture and they came right up to her and started to peck at her.

It's a little hard to see - but look at the rich colours on the back of this bird

These ones almost look fake

Then we saw these little guys!! With their little bald heads!

I loved this fella - he was just chillin out - hanging around watching what I think was his wife and baby playing

The glare on the glass was hard to get a good shot of this guy. But he was just standing letting us take some pictures of him.

I'm not exactly sure what this fella was doing..but he's flexible!

These two ostriches were in the main enclosure

And this bird was just going crazy jumping all over the place

The tortoises were HUGE

I'm not sure I have ever seen a flamingo sit like this before

some more turtles

I'm not entirely sure what the heck this thing is..but it moved and made "jurassic park" like noises.

We call Jade Snow White cause the animals seem to flock to her. We came up to the Otter enclosure and there was nothing to be seen. So Jade says "could the animal that lives in this habitat please come out and show yourself" then next thing you know.....out comes the otter!

The spider monkey was pretty cool. You walk right in with the monkeys - you can't touch them, but they swing up and above your heads and play with each other.
This was a really fun day. We got some sun which tuckered us both out - but we both LOVE the zoo, so it was a good day.
We head for home tomorrow -some stops along the way of course - but will be on our way back to Canada tomorrow.
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