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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Arizona Fun

We all went for pedicures the other day! We got the Premiere pedicure which includes leg massages, and this mud stuff and this scrub stuff and then arm massages and the massage chairs and hot wax and more massage - my feet were so happy when we were done! Jeff stayed home with the littles and took care of them while we got our feet done.
The littles could not be left out, so Aunt Diana fixed them all up with some pretty polish on their little fingers and toes.

We went to the Food truck circle - basically a whole mess of food trucks come to a big parking lot and you walk around and get whatever you want to eat! They had a fella with a guitar and an amplifier - he was pretty good actually - the kids liked the music.

Jade and I went on a little road trip with Diana. Courtney and the kids were on their road trip with Jeff and Mum stayed at home resting her hip.

We stopped at Cantina Laredo for lunch - for fresh guacamole and chips! It was fun cause it was Jade's birthday!

Here's my beautiful birthday girl!

And the crazies across the table from her!

Lucy was using my phone to take selfies last night!

We streamed the demolition derby last night to watch Bad Ronnie - we were cheering but from what I could see....and I don't know anything about cars and derbys..but it looked like he blew a rad and then someone pushed him up and over the edge.

Lucy was taking selfies of her cute little painted toes too!

Eric and Diana were playing Mahjonng on my iPad.

This little stinker was outside - which is a great place to take pictures with all the natural lighting

This is the palm tree in our back yard - well the back yard of the house we are renting...but it's our house for a week!

This little cutie patootie!
Chow for now


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