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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 4 - Colorado - What an Adventure!!!

Wow ! We were tired after yesterdays drive so I didn't blog last night. So I'll try and remember all the stuff to tell you! Yesterday was amazing - by far the best day so far.
We had spent the night in Colby, Kansas at a Budget Inn. The lady who checked us in was so sweet! She offered to help us with our bags and came to the room to show us how to run the remote for the heat!! She was just very sweet. In the morning when we dropped off our room keys, I thanked her very much and told her the room was very comfortable and very clean and we were very happy. She "suggested" I give them a high rating on trip advisor!!! So I will - I haven't yet - but I will.
We headed out in the morning and stopped for some gas at a Casey's - they seem quite popular along our way - gas and food and snacks - we grabbed some ziploc bags cause we had some left overs from our pasta/garlic bread/cinnamon sticks supper!!! Turned out it was a good thing that we picked up some ziploc bags.....story about that a little later!!

Just leaving Colby we came upon this huge feed lot. It was not a big as some of the ones I saw on my AZ trip with Dad a few years back, but there were alot of them! Jade got some nice shots of them. It was hard to capture how many of them you could really see.

We went not to far further and we saw this cool statue of a buffalo with a cowboy riding beside it trying to shoot it. It's quite large - and you can go and kiss the buffalo if you want to..but we chose not too - it was dreary and raining again.

Shortly after seeing this statue we crossed into Colorado! We almost missed the sign so we turned around and came back to take the picture....I'm sure the truck driver thought we were nuts - and then later on we were following him down the road!

We saw soooo many different types of weather today and landscapes. It's crazy when you look at these pictures and then realize we saw all of this in one day - the mountains, the rolling hills, the snow, the rain, the sun!

Cute little shop we passed by

As we were driving up and down all these mountain roads we heard this bang - Jade was convinced we were getting shot at!!!! Then there was another bang - and then another!!! Turns out....the altitude made all the bags of chips we had in the van explode!!!!! So.....that's where the ziploc bags came in handy!

We saw a few of these signs coming down the mountain - I cannot even imagine driving a truck and it being out of control - I had my brakes on the whole way down - it was soooo steep.

Jade was getting a little frustrated that we had not seen any wildlife along the way. We pulled into this one town that had a bunch of cool little shops. I looked over and thought to myself, that is kind of odd that they would have a stuffed deer out in front of their store like that....closer look.....REAL DEER - we quickly pulled over and jumped out - of course after a bit of "holy shit those are real deer" comments...and got some pictures - it was funny they were crossing at the Humane Society!! We went back into the van and went down around into the park they went into to get a few more pictures of them.

Then after heading out of town we saw a huge field with lots of elk.
Then of course for the next few hours there were deer and elk everywhere!! glad none of them were on the road or hitting our van!
Drove through a bit more of a blizzard...seriously - I'm heading to Arizona...and we saw more snow than we saw at our place all winter.
Our goal for the night was Cortez - close to the border and we were gonna try a KOA tonight -but when we got there they were closed - and they didn't have any cabins available anyhow - so Days Inn was our choice - which was super comfy and clean and a nice big room!
I don't have captions for every picture I posted - but as they say - a picture is worth a thousand you can fill in the words!!! It was a beautiful day. Mother Nature has made some beautiful things in this world.
Chow for now - should be at the Grand Canyon today!!!!!!


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